ARM eyes "Internet of things" with Sensinode acquisition


TS Evangelist
ARM’s mobile processor designs have become the industry standard when it comes to smartphones and tablets. But going forward the company aims to be at the heart of all connected devices, and today they’ve taken a step in that direction...

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ARM is good for smartphones and tablets which have non-impact I/O (input/output) type. Android apps are Java base they're quick don't require a lot of heavy coding which Intel processors are needed for. ARM MPU/CPU is well suited for Java Tablets.

The Windows RT ARM device is quick but limited to what you can do with it and can't put x86/x64 apps on it. So kinda of to juggle your way in using it around.

Android Tablets now nearly everyone has them they can do what can with the ARM Processing along with the Java apps running on them. To compare the ARM Processor to Intel one there is not comparison with both they serve different markets.