ARM to take on Intel and AMD servers in 2014


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Smacking down speculation, ARM says it won't be competing in the server market against Intel and AMD until 2014. The company responsible for the majority of processors in today's smartphones simply does not believe its technology is ready to offer competitive performance and features available from the Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron lines. That being said, it is steadily working towards that goal.

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I think Intel and AMD are to comfortable in today's market, but who knows maybe in 2014 ARM could have a chance.


2014? Some years away. Anything could happen, but not harm in having competition.


ARM wants to build 64 bit servers hmmmmmmmm. Too late as Windows 8 will be compatible with 128 bit computing and AMD Bulldozer is essentially the first 128 bit CPU.

Okay so they want to get into the low end market?? What will they use for an operating system? Android? Oh so they will reinvent a server O/S that no Network Administrator knows how to implement. So what fool of a SysOp would recommend to his CFO to take the company off-line to switch over to an untried O/S and Core?

While ARM is trying to force it's version of Reduced Instruction Set Computing on unsuspecting SysOps, the rest of the world will be using X86-128.

ARM is low power, low perfomance and low expectation. If you want to run your business network on your cell phone cpu then good luck.