Asus C90S Laptop

By Sorrow
Jun 22, 2008
  1. Well my friend has been considering upgrading his Asus C90S (Or at least thats what I think it was called) GPU from a 8600M to a 8700M and from what I've read at another forum it said the power required to run the 8700M is around 10Watts over then the capacity of the C90S. So he found this product . Personally I have no idea what this does but the specs say 36Watts power output. Does that actually actually make it able to run the 8700M, or is it some gadget to recharge the laptop battery
  2. CCT

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    Like many things, information is critical.

    The Asus site lists a C90 that came with a 90 watt ac adapter;

    The site specifically notes that the graphic support is for " NVIDIA Mobile PCI Express Module up to GeForce 8600M GT 256MB/512MB".

    You/he should simply compare the 8600 GT 512 power requirements with those of the alternate.
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