Asus Transformer Pad TF300 Review: Worthy Successor to Last Year's Transformer

By Jos ยท 11 replies
Jun 25, 2012
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  1. Great and in depth review, thanks. I'll probably need a tablet at work, just wanted to know is it possible to replace the OS with another Linux based distro such as Debian? I want to run some lightweight CAD software and being able to program on device itself.
  2. I don't see the point of these devices. They're appealing as toys, but without a full fledged OS, I don't see any productivity happening here. I don't like any current tablet on the market as productivity devices (including the iPad). I am eagerly awaiting the Surface Pro.
  3. Julio Franco

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  4. I have this exact tablet and the Android ICS OS on it you really don't miss a beat for doing just about anything a laptop lets you do. I would highly recommend this tablet over anything to do with Apple, seems much faster, lighter in weight and easier to use than the iPad 3.
  5. Wagan8r

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    I got this tablet as soon as it was released, and I've been very happy with it. The only real problem that I've experienced is the web browser. It is absolutely the worst browser I've ever used. It freezes on nearly every site. Asus just released a patch for it, but it still freezes (just only 10-20% as long).

    One other reason for getting the keyboard dock is for the full USB port. Being able to connect a USB gamepad is a HUGH plus. Adding in the ability to connect to my TV via micro HDMI, makes playing Shadowgun even more fun, and makes me all the more happy to not have a console.
  6. I have the original Transformer tablet with the docking station, for anyone that says "It's not productive at all!" Then you're simply refusing to learn additional applications and/or lite-style programs. Once the docking station is on here, I paid for Log-Me-In's Ignition app, which gives me direct remote access to a list of computers from the office to the house. When using that kind of remote access app with a full fledge keyboard and mouse pad, there is practically NO difference in a $600-$700 laptop and this tablet. Not to mention the battery life lasts longer, has dual cameras, a built in gyro sensor, GPS connectivity, touch sensitivity, and access to the app store.

    I would highly recommend this tablet, and would give it at least an 88 as a rating. I bought a blue tooth connected printer yet the iPad won't print to it due to non-compatible "File Transferring", yet it works fine on this tablet!
  7. Mudvayne819

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    the asus transformer ac adapter has big flaw, it refuse to charge most of the time and millions users are reporting this flaw yet asus has done nothing to help them... I wouldnt buy this I would wait for the next model...
  8. gwailo247

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    I never heard of this flaw, and I never had a single charging problem.
  9. The TF300 is utterly brilliant. I put up with an iPad for about 6 months whilst waiting for the release of the TF300. Now I have got it, it totally runs rings around the iPad. It leaves it for dead in terms of functionality and usability - and openness. The keyboard dock is a brilliant feature. I use it purely as a dock. I connect a proper mouse and printer via USB and external monitor via hdmi and..... hey presto a desk top that utterly runs rings around my Windows lap top. There are free or cheap apps to do evrything you need - and it is so fast. In the time it takes my Windows machine to boot up and do its virus checks and Windows updates I can get a ton of work done on my TF300. 100% a winner.
  10. stormense

    stormense TS Rookie

    No 5.1 sound over HDMI to receiver. Sorry a purchase this because I want to use it to watch movies.
  11. My wife gave one to me as a gift,I now use it more than my desktop or my laptop,it's main advantage over my laptop is its portability,operating system is quite stable

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