Asus TUF Gaming VG279QM 280Hz Gaming Monitor Review

May I suggest 18x18 tables (8 bpc) with the step (common difference) of 15 for response times and overshoot/undershoot instead of 11x11 with the step of 25/26?
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1080p... while I own a 82 inch 8k TV...

1080p monitors are on their way out for good.
I bought this monitor to replace a 144hz 1440p monitor. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I want 240+ frames with ultra low input lag and BFI to help give me a competitive edge in games like Cod Warzone. I run everything on low settings anyway.

Look at any CS pro, 90% of them run 240hz displays at 1024*768 with black bars just to get a competitive advantage. This monitor was made for them and its half the price of what 240hz monitors were a year ago.

To be fair, I also have a secondary 1440p 120 hz monitor I use for web browsing and a 4k Oled that I game on, its amazing for HDR games.


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Looks great, I'd not personally buy 1080p today tho.

1440p for me. 2160p in a few years when GPU have catched up (needs 100 fps minimum).


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Can't wait to see the review for the Samsung 1440p 240Hz QLED:


Give that is a TN panel, I wonder how it would compete with these.
Samsung seems to insist on VA panels, and VA sucks for fast paced gaming. Tried the CHG70 and it was horrible for shooters, so much blur and smearing it was not even funny. Regardless of settings. High refresh rate can't save VA from being a blurry mess.

Thats probably why they are cheap.
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