ATX MB with dual output integrated video?

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Dec 22, 2009
  1. Hello - does anyone know if there are any ATX motherboards, for Intel or AMD, with integrated video that has dual-output video? For specific reasons, I am trying to avoid a video card add-on, but I want 2 monitors. Price is not a big deal. Thanks.
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    I've seen some with two outputs but one would be VGA and the other DVI. Would that be okay or what do you require?
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    that would work.
    i am planning on building a computer into a nightstand. we have two young kids who like to watch barney videos and stuff like that on the computer. i plan to have two smaller monitors - walmart has a 15 .5 inch monitor now for about $100 each. so the nightstand top will basically have what will look like two larger picture frames, plus keyboard / mouse. --i have this now, only the cpu is behind the nightstand, which keeps it away from the kids, and i just have one monitor.

    so, we can work on one screen, and let kids watch barney on the other.

    i have considered a micro, or laptop mb, but they limit me in functionality and component choices.

    so, i am gonna do lower-power atx - a decent mATX should work, esp if it has integrated video - we are not 'gamers,' the kids just need to watch barney.

    i will cut holes in the back of one drawer - for air intake and for heat exhaust fan. i will use a 65 watt processor, and one 4gb ram. if i can use integrated video, it makes the space requirement lower, makes power requirement lower, plus cooling is easier. i plan to use a ssd to keep size, heat, and power down.

    i plan to conserve space by depending upon a picoPSU, which basically puts the mass of the power supply in the power cord, like a wall wart, and so taking up very little room inside the nightstand drawer. i am trying to design the system to work off of a 120 watt a/c to 12 v d/c power supply.

    so, once i figure out a MB, i can look at processors and ram.


    once i get this roughly planned, i am gonna do a post on this project, and take pics along the way.
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  5. Row1

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    awesome! thanks.

    awesome! thanks.
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    I can't speak for any intel boards but from my own experience, the AMD 690g, any 780 with onboard video and the 790G will all do dual video out natively with the proviso that one be digital, i.e. either HDMI or DVI and the other be VGA.

    The only thing is it has to be enabled in BIOS first for it to work.
  7. Row1

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    thanks -

    cool -thanks.

    this may bring my plan to work like this:

    keep my current analog monitor receving the analog video output from the motherboard, and add a smaller digital tv to receive the digital output from the motherboard.
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