Australia bans Syndicate reboot, EA calls it "arcane censorship"


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I feel a little bad for you Aussies that live in a little Utopian bubble where nothing bad ever happens, and it never rains. Then again, you guys chose to live under the big thumb of free speech suppressing government.

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dedparrot said:
mccartercar said:
@dedparrot why would it be ironic for EA to support a bill that stands to fight online piracy???

Afaik gibs or gibbing is a gaming term used to describe dismemberment of organs or the entrails of an organism. Learned that from carmageddon back in the day
The bill does not just fight online piracy, in the same way the PATRIOT act does not just fight terrorism.

SOPA enables whole websites to be taken down for hosting copyrighted content.

Here, watch this:
Not just hosting. Imagine that your company has a product review forum where the users can put comments and rate their products that they bought. A SINGLE user posting a LINK to piratebay is sufficient to yank your ENTIRE website with no warning or recourse.


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TorturedChaos said:
Guest said:
I'm glad the board has taken their position to ban violent games. Especially considering one was used as training material by the Norway shooter.
And the guys who shot up Columbine liked to play Doom a lot.
But you know what - no definitive link has been made between violent video games and violent behavior. If fact several studies I have read point to the exact opposite, with aggression being take out inside the video game instead of in reality.
If video games made people killers I would be in jail, and so would most of my friends.
Lets see I was bullied through school - yep.
Played violent video games since I was 10 to 12ish (including lots of Doom) - yep.
Antisocial - yep
Lots of heavy metal - yep.
Access to firearms - yah owned my own .30-06 since I was 5. I live in Montana - EVERYONE is armed :p.
Did I shoot up a school or any of my friends (best friend had looser rules than I did and access to more firearms).
NOPE. Difference - PARENTING!!!!
Games don't need to banned or blamed for violence - they are just being used as a scapegoat.
Parents need to do some really damn parenting.
Now I'm not saying a 5yr old should be playing GTA or Left 4 Dead. That's part of the parents responsibly to decide what is appropriated for their children. But you also have the possibility that said kid will be exposed to things the parents don't want them to be exposed to at friends houses or just in the general public. (I know I was) That's where teaching a kid proper morals and responsibility comes in. Not just plopping them in front of the TV because your are tried from a long day at work.
Big +1 here. Blanket banning is just crazy... depriving so many older people of entertainment. Completely agree about the whole parenting thing. Parents complaining about violent videogames need to take more control of their kids (i.e. do their job as a parent).. don't try and get the government to do it for you.