Australia passes surveillance bill that lets police take over accounts, alter, and delete...


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Prior to last election, he pushed a notorious IT bill known as the AA Bill. This bill allows the Govt to request backdoor access to any IT service and the employee or whoever they compel must do it or be jailed/fined very heavily AND not disclose the backdoor or data release.

You've just described most of the popular apps nowadays. They all have backdoors that are implemented under pressure, and if the backdoors are discovered by someone, then they say "Oh, it was just a programmer's error, buffer underflow / overflow / index out of range, blah, blah". Except that app works well in all other aspects, except security. Isn't that interesting?

Programmers with 20 years of experience constantly making amateur mistakes in the most vulnerable parts of code. And what's best, those "mistakes" don't just bring the app down (like 99% of mistakes) but somehow open the security hole and the app continues to work. Gotta believe in those "random" mistakes.

The difference between Rightists and Lefitsts is that Rightists force software developers (and CPU producers) to make security holes for the government to access. While Leftists force software developers (and CPU producers) to add security holes for a group of private corporations.

Jack Deth

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Is it the NWO or the CCP who has its fingers gripping things everywhere. If people really knew the truth, there would be a real uprising. One example, the CCP owns a good chunk of the chicken and pork industry in the US amongst other industries, of which, people are not aware.
Don't forget Gates and his farm land.