Autoplay function is disabled, possible malware

By neowing ยท 4 replies
Jul 6, 2008
  1. Dear TechSpot,

    Recently, when insert DVD-R which is data backuped DVD, it won't autplay to show: choose programs to show, or open the folder.

    Why this happened ? Below the describtion...

    4 days ago, I formatted my hard drive and decided to use free DVD Burn programs. I downloaded "InfraRecorder" and used it to erase the CD-RW. Unfortunately, after click the erase, my computer was stop. Therefore, I use "Ctrl + Alt + Del" to stop the job and uninstalled it. After that, I download the "DeepBurner" and used it to make 7 data DVDs. (I forgot to enable Comodo Firewall when I download the "DeepBurner") After finished burning, I re-inserted one of the Data DVD. But it didn't "Autoplay". I already tried different data DVDs; they don't work either. In addition, I have "Alcohol 120%" and its virtual DVD Rom's icon doesn't change when I amount the ISO files.

    I believe some bad spyware infected my computer or cause of the bad setting "InfraRecorder"

    Here is my attachment:

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  2. xxdanielxx

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  3. raybay

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    It is likely that your optical drive has gone bad. They do not last long if heavily used. You might try to download their latest firmware to resolve the initial problem.
  4. xxdanielxx

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    I dont think his drive went bad becuase he is able to burn I see alot of computer with this problem and the autoplayfix repair the problem
  5. neowing

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    Thank you, "xxdanielxx"
    I can now autoplay.

    Also thank you to "raybay" for corncern !

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