AVG hangover

By nick.dude3
Nov 2, 2009
  1. I reinstalled AVG 9 last week and now have files called $AVG on both my hard drive and external drive which I cannot delete. I found a couple of forums where people have had a similar problem and the solution offered was to reboot in safe mode and delete from there. I tried this but it would only work after I disabled the avgchsvx.exe process through task manager. However when I rebooted, the folders re-appeared. The files that will not delete (disk full/write protected error msg) are avgcchff.dat and avgcchmf.dat video cd movie files??
    By the by, I only noticed them because my comodo defense+ program has started acting up checking every single process the pc tries to run, which I know comodo is wont to do initially, but I have had it installed for 3 years now, in which time it has managed to 'remember my answers' sufficiently to no longer be obtrusive, until now.
    I was wondering if the 2 are linked? Maybe the $avg being evidence of a virus affecting comodo?
    I have run avg and housecall with no results, bar the usual tracking cookies.
    Any ideas?
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    If all you have is the Comodo firewall and AVG which has an antivirus program and a spyware program, there should not be a conflict.

    Have you identified $AVG? You are assuming it should be deleted why? It appears to be the hidden virus vault. Have you considered leaving it alone? If it is the virus vault, the malware cannot cause a problem to your system.

    If you want us to check the system for malware, please follow the steps in our Virus and Malware Removal HERE.
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