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Back from the (Near) Dead: HP Envy 14 Review

By Julio Franco ยท 12 replies
Dec 28, 2011
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  1. I think you tested SC2 on Intel HD 3000. 6630 GPU is same as a 5650, no?
  2. Julio Franco

    Julio Franco TechSpot Editor Topic Starter Posts: 7,421   +809

    You are right. I've updated SC2 scores with performance output from the discrete Radeon HD 6630 GPU. The HD 6630 should be slightly faster than the 5650.
  3. herpaderp

    herpaderp TS Booster Posts: 154

    @ Guest
    Not exactly, the 6630m has 80 more stream processors than the 5650m but is usually clocked ~200MHz slower, so they're very close in performance, it's pretty much negligible.
  4. "The display has a resolution of 1366x768"
    ... And that is where they cut corners to get the price down.
  5. That's between 1080p and 720p - so pretty much perfect.
    Massive Amount of Pixels squeezed into a small space is also bad as it forced you to be closer to the computer screen.
  6. howzz1854

    howzz1854 TS Evangelist Posts: 611   +94

    I almost ALMOST bought the Envy last year, but when HP screwed me in the rear with the online coupon code i canceled my order. my friend bought one, and i had a chance to play with it.. can't say i was too impressed. too much plastic and smaller than the Macbook Pro 15. it's a Macbook Pro wannabe. if you want a Macbook Pro... just get a Macbook Pro. i wanted a Macbook Pro and i got one, and converted it to a Windowns 7 laptop and never looked back. Sure I paid probably $200 more for a refurbished one, but the build quality is fully unibody aluminum... you gotta give it to Apple... their build quality is just second to none. hate their prices or their apple culture all you want. truth is... you get what you paid for. both my previous HP laptops have died on me right after their warranty expired. who says you can't have a PC in a Mac :)
  7. Apple arguably has some of the best industrial designers. That said, the Macbook Pro I have runs very hot on the bottom and near the F# keys and has noisy fans like just about every laptop I've come across.
  8. The 2011 HP's aren't bad, mine only ever cracks 55 degrees playing intensive games. with general stuff like watching movies it'll stay at around 40. a great improvement over my last hp running an AMD Turion which would hit 60 just sitting there idling.
  9. I got an HP laptop a year back. Some genius case designer decided to make the only fan exhaust in the case pointed at a 45 degree angle downwards, which prevents me from placing it on a ton of places (beds, desks, etc.) unless I find some way to raise it.
  10. howzz1854

    howzz1854 TS Evangelist Posts: 611   +94

    I agree on that.. apple has their OSX fan threashold setting wayyy too low, they allow the cpu to run up to 90C before the fan kick above 2000rpm (default). whether it's noise concern on apple's part or not, i personally don't like my CPUs being sunny side up or over easy, i downloaded a 3rd party CPU/fan monitor software and set my own profiles. but yeah... apple's factory CPU/fan setting design is retarded, consider how much trouble they got into in the past with overheating batteries, you would think they would be more sensitive to temperature design.
  11. http://goo.gl/YBCXL

    Is it better than this laptop???
  12. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,044   +794

    It is better by miles...

    The price for the Envy though is also "Miles" longer in digits than your linked laptop.
    Infact they are completely different leagues. Why did you ask this question?

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