Barnes & Noble slash Nook prices as 7-inch tablet market heats up

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Barnes & Noble has slashed prices on their 7-inch Nook Color and Nook Tablet products in an effort to stay competitive with rivals Amazon and Google. Consumers can now pick up a Nook Color for $150, an 8GB Nook Tablet…

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TS Evangelist
Good thinking B&N. As the owner of a Nook Tablet, I can say they will be in trouble. The Nook has an SD card where the Nexus 7 does not, but that's about it. (and you need it too, since that SD card is used for rooting, not just storage). But I'm sure the Nexus is easier to use. The Nook runs android, but doesn't have the google Play store on it and if you want Words with Friends Free (yes, Free) it'll cost you $3. You have to root your Nook to make it work like a normal tablet.

But... it's not a normal tablet. It's a high tech e-reader. The Nexus 7 won't have Barne's and Nobles 'read-to-me' books available, which are pretty cool for kids.

Also worth noting... the 16GB nook has 1GB of RAM, while the 8GB version has 512MB. But having the Nook and the Nexus both cost $200 kinda makes you wonder either why the Nook is so much, or why the Nexus is so cheap.