Battlefield Hardline won't hit 1080p on either console

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Mar 9, 2015
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  1. Despite developers having more than a year to get accustomed to the architecture of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, some games still can't hit today's standard TV resolution on either major console. The latest game to fail to reach 1080p on either console is Battlefield Hardline, developer Visceral Games has confirmed.

    As Visceral is targeting 60 frames per second for their latest first-person shooter, Battlefield Hardline will run at 720p on the Xbox One and 900p on the PlayStation 4. This is the same situation as we saw for Battlefield 4, which launched at the end of 2013.

    For gamers that want the best experience in Battlefield Hardline, Visceral says you'll get that on PC, with systems producer Mike Glosecki calling it "by far the best gaming platform around". Hardline apparently won't be just a console port either, with Visceral claiming they've put a lot of effort into ensuring the game can take full advantage of the powerful hardware in gaming PCs.

    Battlefield Hardline on PC will be optimized to run at resolutions above 1080p, frame rates above 60 FPS, at higher quality settings than the consoles, and even on triple-monitor setups. And of course, you get to use a keyboard and mouse to play Hardline on PC, which EA says is the best control setup for FPS games.

    March 17 is when Battlefield Hardline launches in North America on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. EA says that the launch of Hardline should be much more stable than what gamers experienced with Battlefield 4.

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    Don't fret console fans, it won't be long before Steam machines take over the gaming industry, you can buy into that, trade your beloved consoles in for a dime then enjoy games the proper way.
    Well that's the way Newell & Steam see's things going and they may be right.
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  3. Agreed. On a mid-range PC or Steam Machine you can hit 1080p / 60 quite easily. This console generation is already last gen.
  4. I don't know about "last gen"...more like 2 or even 3 gens ago ;)
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  5. S_Brideau

    S_Brideau TS Rookie Posts: 65

    Depends, I couldn't get 60fps at 1080p for BF4 on the mid range PC I built a while ago (I didn't have gaming as main goal though, but did have a decent graphics card and specs). I had to lower the graphics to medium to be able to achieve those. It didn't have issues with other games though, so I half blame the programming and optimization quality here.
  6. Or you can list your specs, and then we can make the judgement as to if you are legitimately making a real claim or mud wrestling in ambiguity. I have no doubt that this game and most games for that matter have not been optimized to max out systems, however, people need system specs before we throw your response into "The all wise, the all knowing truth."
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  7. This article failed to realize that the PC version is already delayed and is in fact not coming out in March. It was moved back to at least April. Surprised the article never stated that since TechSpot had reported this back in Feb.
  8. Who cares about some 1080p lmfao. I just want to play the damn game and proceed to sleep
  9. OMG,now the game will play like I'm on ps1 and I'm sure the storyline will be even worse.
  10. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,146   +911

    I know your a guest and all but just wanted to clear it up for the next poor soul that reads your post.

    Battlefield: Hardline - Release Date is still due March 17th - 20th depending where you are. It still states this on every material I could find by simply googling "battlefield hardline release date".

    I couldn't find any articles supporting guests claims...
  11. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,040   +678

    SteamOS is Linux. I highly doubt we'll see BFH ported to it any time soon.
  12. Ea...I wont touch it poor company they lost my custom on ground of non existent customer service, only helpful advise comes from the community itself.
  13. lipe123

    lipe123 TS Evangelist Posts: 718   +236

    ...." Hardline apparently won't be just a console port either, with Visceral claiming they've put a lot of effort into ensuring the game can take full advantage of the powerful hardware in gaming PCs."

    I feel like I heard this before somewhere?

    Ooooh right that was from EVERY GAME released in the last 3 years, I'm sure it will be tooootally different this time /sarcasm
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  14. Personally, if I see a film in 720p or 1080p for me, I don't really see a difference. It's HD and to me thats all that matters.

    Steam boxes taking over ? Cant see it happening. Would you have to buy 2 copies of the game one for SteamOS and one for windows ? Because many people have a PC and a PS3/4 or Xbox360/One. So the game developers would be unhappy to lose a ton of revenue on the *****s who buy the same games over all formats.
  15. CaptainTom

    CaptainTom TS Maniac Posts: 304   +132

    You mean like the $580 Alienware that is weaker than a PS4? Yeah, what value /s
  16. risc32

    risc32 TS Addict Posts: 209   +96

    I have a PC and played UT back in the day and more recently got into bf3, tried bf4 but didn't care for it, but that's another matter. never had a top flight rig. but to me the simple fact is that 1080p has been the defacto standard for a long time now, and that everything should be able to run it. obviously they could via reduced settings or fps or both, but either way that's weak. when consoles used to come out they were a PITA to program for, but they had special abilities that when used properly they were ahead of there time. games got better as the programers figured out tricks. ps1 ridge racer launched at 30fps, then was later released running 60fps. the programmers kung fu got better. with this generation they seem to have made the system so easy to program for, and with nearly off the shelf mid to low level PC parts there just isn't any magic to be rooted out. they just didn't shoot for the moon this time. I understand, times are tight and they'd rather not develop a new trick system. its just a bummer. BTW-I also own a ps4. it's neat, but the amount of gameplay slowdown my kids produce while playing disney infinity is disappointing. reminds me of playing the NES at times.
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  17. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,035

    This isn’t surprising. Performance wise both consoles suck as they are based on outdated low-end hardware.

    It is estimated that the GPU power of each console is as follows…

    XBox One: Somewhere between a 7770 and 7790

    PS4: Somewhere between a 7850 and 7870

    Taking that into account if you look at our Hardline preview data which only included the Radeon R9 265 it is easy to see why the consoles would have trouble at 1080p. The R9 265 averaged just 39fps! Yes we were testing with the ultra-quality settings and MSAAx4 but this was also the beta version of the game so the graphics have likely been improved for the official release.

    The GPU was also being supported by an Intel Core i7-5960X and not an AMD APU.
    You can build a PC that will beat a console for the same money :S Or you could just buy a second hand mid-range gaming PC from last year and that will smoke the consoles.
  18. BlueDrake

    BlueDrake TS Evangelist Posts: 378   +112

    It's not hard to build a PC for the price of a console, it obviously means you could shop around for deals too. Unless you want to pay what all the major merchants want, it just means less or more legwork depending on how you want to go.

    You pay for the name brand, and it's unique custom design. That's where a majority of the price goes, when someone wants to spend $1,500+ on a pre-built then go ahead. It's all done tested most likely, warranty included also for any issues. DIY builds are where you can save money, some builds you might find come in a little less but not all.

    Also before console fans jump around slapping themselves a highfive, because PCs might cost more because monitor, etc. Do the console manufacturers give out free TVs, cable / satellite subscriptions or internet connections? I'd love to cash in on that kind of deal if they do.
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  19. theBest11778

    theBest11778 TS Addict Posts: 296   +125

    I was going to try and save some money by sticking with a console this generation, but once I realized Far Cry 4 wasn't even running at 60fps I broke down and had to build a new box. For $226 I ended up getting an ASUS Maximus VI motherboard, 8GB DDR3, Antec mid tower case, and Corsair 500w PSU. I already have a Haswell i5 chip laying around, as well as a few HDDs. Even if I didn't ebay Haswell i5 $160-$180, 2TB 7200RPM HDD $60. Personally I'm going for a GTX 970, but for 1080p/60 a 960 would cut it (medium-high details though.) Unfortunately this generation's hardware limitations are kicking in way too fast. The part that sucks are the exclusives. I get not putting your game on the competing console, but for those of us staying out of the game just release your games on PC and be done with it.
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  20. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,869   +2,035

    Picking decent hardware from you can build a decent gaming PC (minus software) for about $500, the PS4 is $400 at

    That includes a quad-core AMD APU, FM2 motherboard, 4GB DDR3 memory, 1TB HDD, nice case, 500w quality PSU and a GeForce GTX 960. That system would smoke the Xbox One and Playstation 4 and you could play Hardline at 1080p no worries as it should be at least 40% faster than the PS4.

    Of course you have to factor in the cost of Windows if you want to go that way plus a keyboard and mouse. That said you will end up with a much more capable and useful system so the added cost should be worth it.
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  21. Well if you buy from Dell what did you expect?? Also $500 is great value for a mid range pc that's be much better than any current console if you self build!!
  22. You act like we buy consoles simply because of the hardware itself which you are delusional if you think that. I buy PlayStation consoles because I like the brand name and the games they made on their previous consoles and I expect the same games they made before to be made on their new system. Also why would I buy shitty steam machine when I'm fine with my custom builds without any limits, by the way linux sucks for gaming and I find it buggy as hell just to do my work on compared to my Windows computers. Also what exclusives does the steam machine have.... I'm waiting?
  23. @BFH Devs If my console with a controller is such a bad way to experience your game, then why release it on it? Oh wait you want my money yet you talk **** to me, good luck douche bags. I'm not getting it on my PC or PS4 now for sure until I can get it from the dollar bin just like BF4.
  24. STEAMS uses your steam account for games. No need to buy two copies. I have steamOS installed on a computer I built from spare parts, and play games I purchased on my steam account from before SteamOS was a thing.
  25. No need to buy even one copy, ThePirateBay has you covered for that.

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