BenQ or Westinghouse?

By ebolamonkey3
Sep 1, 2008
  1. Hi, I'm trying to upgrade to a larger monitor and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either of these brands. In particular, I'm thinking about the BenQ G2400WD and the Westinghouse L2610NW. I've heard good things about BenQ and I own a Westinghouse 22in monitor, which I am very pleased with, so if anyone has owned any one of these and would like to make a suggestion it will be well appreciated.

    Links to the products.



    The Westinghouse is on sale right now for $350 and I can get the BenQ on their website for $360 with the coupon thankyou10 that expires today, so price isn't the issue here. I just want to know which monitor is better. Thanks.
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    I'd get the Benq because:
    • While the Westinghouse is brighter, it also has a worse contrast ratio. Meaning its blacks are going to not be as black as the Benq.
    • The Benq uses half the power. (55W vs 110W)
    • Benq has 3 year warranty, Westinghouse has 1.
    • I have 2 Benq 20.1" and they are great.

    The Benq does not have speakers (but who uses monitor speakers anymore?). And it has a 10° smaller viewing angle in the horizontal direction, but its still 160° so that shouldn't be a big deal.
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