Overclocking Bent motherboard pins, fixed but now will not boot


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Hi everyone, I have a problem.

I pinmodded an LGA771 Xeon to work with my LGA775 motherboard. I decided to do it the hard way and use aluminum foil and tape to pin mod it. I think it worked out fine but anyway, on to the problem.

When I cut off the LGA775 alignment pieces, I accidentally bent 2 pins out of shape a little. Initially, I didn't notice, so I put in the Xeon to try it out, didn't work.
Then I tried my old processor, also didn't work (worked fine previously).

So then I noticed the pins and bent them back into shape, AFAIK it is perfect and you can't even tell that anything happened.
Tried both CPUs, nothing, no beeps, no signal to the monitor.

Is it possible to damage my motherboard if I didn't do the pinmod correctly?
Is it possible that I damaged my processor or motherboard by trying to run it with those 2 pins out of place?

Help please

Jad Chaar

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I am not really sure, but my guess is you did not do the pinmod correctly since both CPUs do not work. I hope someone else can provide some insight on this issue. Good luck!


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Hmmmm, well the thing is that now ebb my original working CPU will not boot anymore, which AFAIK shouldn't be the case even if I messed up the pin mod :(

Thanks for the reply anyway, I have this feeling that techspot doesn't have the right userbase to help a whole lot.


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Try clearing the BIOS. It may or may not help.

I recently purchased bad memory modules. When trying them, the system locked up and wouldn't boot even with the original modules. The only way I could get the system back up, was to pull the battery. I'm not sure what happened but the system needed a complete reset.

I was once told by a self-proclaimed ex-Intel employee, the quickest way to clear the motherboard of all stored voltage is to flip the coin battery. This drains any and all power and will clear the BIOS instantly. Just remember not to leave the battery upside down.


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Basically the same statement; I'm implying that I don't think a lot of techspot users are familiar with this sort of thing and you are saying that I'm an ***** that doesn't know what I am doing either.
I did know the risks though!


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It does sound like a do or die type of "undertaking"(*), that there's no way to practice for in advance....:D

(*) "undertaking", do you see what I did there....?:D

Transistor junctions, particularly those which are normally operating at very low voltage & current, are extremely intolerant of short circuits. It's why there are speaker protection relays in A/V receivers. Sometimes even those aren't fast enough to save the output transistors in the advent of a short, or even too low speaker impedance. (Output transistors which BTW, can carry a pant load of current).

So, don't shoot the messenger but (IMHEG), you most likely cooked some of the internal workins'.

(In My Humble Educated Guess)
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I'd say you cooked the CPU's too. But alas this is a wild guess. :p

And you're right, TS isn't the right audience for this.