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Best Buy issues cease and desist over Newegg ad, logo

By Matthew ยท 60 replies
Jun 10, 2011
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  1. I would love to know where you have seen and SSD for $1/GB.
    Best I found anywhere is like a 64GB SSD for $99.
  2. Xclusiveitalian

    Xclusiveitalian TS Evangelist Posts: 787   +173

    I can't wait for best buy to away! It use to be my favorite place but over the years it got worse and worse. In NY, The prices are the worst of any major store, also games come on almost a week later for them. Most employee's from experience don't know anything about computers except the price. with only a handful of helpful workers. Honestly, New-egg should buy Best buy and transform it because newegg is one of the best hardware sites period. Also enough with the Geek = computers connection, it's old and dumb. If your not tech savvy in this generation than your far behind...
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,972   +4,009

    Well, I'm sure we've all done this at one time or another. But, you have to admit it's in pretty bad taste.

    That said, I'm about 20 miles from a BB in a sales tax free state (Delaware), If I can offset the price of gas with no tax and decent savings, then I'll strap the biggest thing I think I can get away with to the back of my motorcycle, buy it in Wilmington, and drag whatever back to PA.
  4. Up here in Canada we have Canada Computers stores (among others of course), and it equals or destroys Newegg consistently. Makes me wonder how good Newegg really is if a Canadian store chain can offer better deals every day. I do like Newegg.ca/com for the customer reviews, but that's where it ends for me.

    ie: OCZ Revo X2 PCIe SSD



    The Egg is overrated.
  5. ^^^I went in the other day and they had an Eyefinity system set up with an Antec Khuler 920, and i asked the guy if it was any good cuz i was considering getting one but i wasn't sure. I was shocked when he said, well you could "rent" it. I'm like wtf - rent?! He told me the store only charges 5% for restocking on returned items. Let's see newegg do that!
  6. MiddleEHDAEC

    MiddleEHDAEC TS Rookie

    If you buy it, they will sell it.
  7. I am not defending best buy employees at ALL...

    But the designs for the logo and choice of word and color are obvious ripoffs...
  8. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm TS Guru Posts: 380   +48

    Well here in the states, it's either Newegg or places like Best Buy.

    I on the other hand like Fry's Electronics as they have a much wider selection. But prices aren't always the lowest.
  9. jonelsorel

    jonelsorel TS Rookie Posts: 72

    Truth hurts huh BB?
  10. If you're Canadian use NCIX. They offer Price Matching. So you choose everything you want to buy on NCIX, then search the Part Numbers on Pricebat.ca, Shopbot.ca, and PriceCanada.ca for the lowest price. In your cart on NCIX click Start Price Match, then input the URL and the price. Voila you have the lowest price for everything you buy. And what's that, $8, $10, and $15 express shipping depending on the weight of your order. If you're in Montreal like me, you end up only paying 7% tax rather than the regular 15%. Purolator straight to my door within 3 days.
  11. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    This kind of ads have been going on for a while.

    Best Buy should not have a leg to stand on.

    Oh wow, blue T-Shited employees... Best BuyDOes not own the word Geek. Using the Power symbol in a logo does not infringe on their logo. New Egg is not even bad mouthing the with "Geek On" and it is a fair use of an open symbol. I could see if they used the tie or something but come on!

    I hope New Egg fights this - I was considering comparing the Apples Mac vs PC comercials... but then I realize you really cannot as Apple did not put any particular brand in a bad light through image - PC is open. Where BestBuy is the only national chain to my knowledge so I guess they at least may not get written off initailly entirely.

    But many a times we have seen "Brand-X" in comercials... less these days, but they were there...
  12. p51d007

    p51d007 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,967   +1,230

    Best Buy is where people go to buy home electronics that have NO CLUE (most of the time) what they truly need. I hear it all the time. When I'm really bored, just killing time, I'll wander around and listen to the utter BS coming from the blue shirts.
    Once in a while, I'll really need something, and you can't find one of those stupid #*!@&*% blue shirts anywhere. If you don't need one, they come out of the woodwork just to pester you.
    Been using Newegg for YEARS, and will continue to do so. LOL, sometimes I'll use Best Buy to look at something I'm wanting, just so I can "touch & feel" it, then order it from Newegg.
  13. Once upon a time I was in a BB near my house and overheard a blue shirt advising a customer looking for a desktop. I was floored by the utter lack of knowledge and even more so by the load of BS being shoveled to mask said lack. I looked for an opening and eventually got one when the clerk had to break away for a moment. I was frank with the customer and minced no words, letting them know they had just received a complimentary snow job. They even experessed to me suspicion about the pitch and thanked me for the advice. When little boy blue came back he looked around... confused. I told him how I put him on blast, but he didn't get upset and actually looked a little shook. rofl

    Being a geek used to mean something... for shame Best Buy. smh
  14. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,972   +4,009

    As I said earlier, "I'm sure we've all done this at one time or another, but it's a no class way of living your life". Now I'm LOL.
  15. NCIX is garbo. look at that skinny geek on their youtube channel. i'll stick with buying locally. better for avoiding shipping, and far easier to RMA or return stuff. trust me when i say Canada Computers is far better than NCIX.
  16. So you only take overweight computer illiterate people seriously when it comes to technology?

    Set aside the semi-useless unboxing videos, that "skinny geek" is very smart. For instance see one of his videos featured on LifeHacker:

    That is the one explanation of future proofing a computer that actually makes sense.

    So you expect to have to RMA or return stuff with Canada Computers? I've spent well over ten thousand dollars at NCIX (for myself, family, and friends) in the past five years and have only had to RMA one item, it went very quickly. NCIX does an amazing job at packing so you don't have to worry about damage during shipping.

    They have better selection than Canada Computers, and you can't beat NCIX's pricing since they offer price matching so you always have the lowest price. (and this is done right in your cart it isn't a hassle)

    Don't forget they give you points for posting reviews on products, these add up very quickly and you can use them to get VIP membership for free. That gives you free shipping for RMA and warranty returns, as well as extended warranties on many OEM products. Since making points is so easy, I have VIP membership until 2015 - and probably have enough points to tac on many more years.

    I have ordered from Canada Computer with acceptable results, but they didn't offer anything to stand out from the competition. They updated their website design, I guess that's a plus?

    NCIX Cons:
    1. Avoid their phone support as you can be on hold for a while sometimes. It's much faster if you submit a ticket, they're always eager to make sure you're satisfied.
    2. For better pictures and description search the part number on NewEgg.
    3.1. Be aware that during holidays orders are processed slower (as they have so many), but this should be commonsense.
    3.2. Regularly NCIX ships extremely fast. I have made orders at 10am one day, and received them at 10am the next day (with express shipping). But usually I expect to receive my order within 3 business days (unless ground shipping).
  17. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 14,972   +4,009

    I though that Best Buy picked up a lot of goodwill ad service free from the TV show "Chuck". Part of that centers around a bunch of in store techs, that are billed as "The Nerd Herd". This is obviously a parody of the "Geek Squad", but oddly, I've never seen or heard of BB complaining about the show.
    National electronic retail chains seem to have a finite life span. For a while, BB stock was settin' the big board on fire, and Circuit City's demise, I suppose, could be partly blamed on BB. "HH Greg" moved into our area, but thus far, I haven't needed anything that would compel me to check them out. IDK if they are a start up in my area, or a national entity.

    Saying that online "etailing" certainly has accelerated the downfall of brick and mortar enterprise, would of course, be stating the obvious.

    At the end of the day, Newegg has three huge warehouses, and, (I expect), a whole bunch of shipping clerks. It's hard for a retailer with 10 stores within 30 miles of my house, to compete with that.. (They total 1150 stores. That's a of of mouths to feed).

    For all the bad mouthing that BB has received for their sales clerks lack of knowledge, you still have no direct tech support available from Newegg.

    Websites such as Techspot, seem to function as a free sales staff for the Egg, never heard a thank you though!
  18. ramonsterns

    ramonsterns TS Enthusiast Posts: 744   +13

    Best Buy needs to tuck their tail between their legs and bite the dust already.
  19. best buy is just an old dog still kicking, those stores hay days for delivering the public its tech is long and over, its definitely on its way out as generations of comsumers change.

    I do admit thought I miss being able to walk into a store to see motherboards and other computer parts first hand before dropping payment for them.

    but depending on the online stores return policy the lack of that experience is ok somewhat.
  20. BB ?? their customer service is horrible not to mention their price match is a joke!!!
  21. I don't see anyone selling SSD's for $1/GB.. anywhere. If they did, I'd have me a 128GB by now.
  22. Best buy is the worst of the worst in finding new ways to rip off the consumer. About five years ago I found an add on the internet featuring a cheap lcd hdtv. I drove the 25 miles to my best buy with the intent to make a purchase only to find the product was marked about $80 higher. I located an employee and told him I had just seen the add on the internet. He took me over to a computer which I assumed was connected to the net, only to show me that the tv was listed at the higher price. Since I had no intention of buying at the higher price I drove back home. I checked the net again and sure enough the low price was still listed. I knew something was not right but didn't know what.

    A couple years later I saw on the net that Best Buy was busted in New York for having fake in store web sites that looked the same as the real internet site save that they had higher prices. Ah ha, so that is how the dirty bastards did it. If I could I would have sued them for my gas and wasting my time.

    I now make it a point to never buy from best buy. I do go in there occasionally to peruse an item prior to making the purchase online. I go out of my way to tell customers in store that look like they are about to make a purchase what a rip off best buy is and that they will be better served to buy online. It gives me a thrill to see the look of bewilderment on the face of a best buy goon who thought he had a sale when the customer I just talked to backs out of a deal.

    In short I will do every thing I can to hasten the day that best buy goes the way of circuit city.
    Do you hear that, Best Lie?
  23. Best Buy is my store of last resort; if I really need something and can't wait and only Best Buy has it I'll go, otherwise I won't even go there. I have come to this decision based on direct and indirect experiences of half truths, poor customer service and high prices.

    I have had only positive expieriences with NewEgg and will stick with them.
  24. HoustonGeek

    HoustonGeek TS Rookie

    My buddy and I have a nickname for BB:

    "Best Lie"

    I did get a question answered about BluRay players by a seemingly knowledgeable guy. May have been a fluke. It is good to see the products up close.

    Oh, and I take affront to the Geek Squad trucks on my street. although, my son walked up to one one day and the guy gave him a t-shirt.
  25. I apologize, but that is an absolutely retarded comment. You would buy a POS that's been sitting of a shelf - ON - for like six months straight, and probably beat up from everybody messing with it for 25% off? Your warranty is probably void (doesn't cover equipment that was previously used when purchased) and you bought something for 25% off that will last 50% shorter than expected. Wow, smart fella - you still got screwed by BB.

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