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By DontCareBear
May 3, 2011
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  1. Hello everyone, earlier today i ran into an interesting problem with my computer. My friend wanted to play L4D2 so i let him, but after a while he called me over and said he couldn't get it to work. It was behaving oddly so i shut down my comp and restarted it.

    After the restart for whatever reason my two monitors both changed back to extended display, instead of a duplicate, and some processes that normally ran on start up did not. Firefox kept giving me security license isn't valid warnings, and a host of other small annoying problems. I eventually found that the date had somehow been changed on my computer i don't know if my friend did this or why it happened but i fixed the date and it seems to have remedied most of my problems except for one.

    My bio-star service for my remote will not work, usually upon start up, windows would ask if bio-star could make changes to the hard drive, i would click yes and it would work fine. Now the message no longer appears, and all i have is a red icon on my task bar that says BIO-Remote(Disable) I have yet to figure out how to get it running. I have typed services.msc and searched for it, but i haven't been able to find it. I no longer have the cd for it or i'd just reinstall the software, searching the bio-star website provides no further information or software, and googling biostar remote seems useless.

    I'd like to know if there is any way to manually start this service which in task manager i believe was listed as "BIORemote.exe" Any help at all would be appreciated, cuz i miss my remote! I know i haven't provided very good details, i'm just hoping maybe someone has dealt with this, or knows a secret. Thanks!

    I have windows 7 too, also i have scanned my computer twice with Spybot, and once with Malwarebytes, both with the latest updates, neither have come up with anything....

    To contradict myself from earlier i don't think this actually came with software but rather a driver. I have reinstalled the drivers and restarted and it doesn't seem to have helped. I went to the bio-star website. I'm beginning to think that some sort of update has royally screwed me. Any help would still be appreciated, i know it's an odd problem, but anything can help. Thank you!
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    I had to go into Bios and enable cir port function, which had been turned off.

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