Black Desert already going pay to win

By Technician
Feb 26, 2016
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    • The head starts below are only for Pre-Order holders:
      • Head start for Conqueror’s package holders starts the 28th of February, 08:00 UTC.
      • Head start for Explorer’s package holders starts the 1st of March, 08:00 UTC.
      • Head start for Traveler’s package holders start the 2nd of March, 08:00 UTC.
    • The official launch date is March 3rd. (maintenance scheduled at 08:00 UTC / approx. 4 hours)

    According to the website, the more you pay them the higher your level can be at release, if that's not a pay to win mentality I don't know what is. The game looks good enough for an MMO, if you could turn off the over the top particle effects every time you attack, and it was fun to play to a point (then it got boring) but with this method of release, I and my wife are going to play other games again and let this one go by the wayside.
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