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Oct 1, 2009
  1. Hi there.

    Today I got a nasty virus. I believe it is from the rogue Contraviro program.

    Anyway here's my story.

    I ran Malwarebytes and this found lots of infections.... I deleted and quarantined these problems then rebooted as suggested.

    on reboot the screen went black and explorer did not open.

    after searching around I found I could get my desktop open by Run > explore.exe and ending the process of the currently running explorer.exe.

    This was great, I thought i had cracked it. The virus was gone and internet browsing was fine (no pop ups or IE jumping up). However, my other programs suffered itunes would not appear among many other (they were runny on task manager but not appearing)

    Also I was having to boot my computer through the task manager run explorer technique everytime (annoying)

    I could not cope with this so decided to MsConfig > system restore. to the point where the virus was most persistent (the start). From here I ran the Scan. This time I did not reboot. My computer behaved itself. All programs and files worked fine (Now and again IE popped up, but not like before. once every 10 minute rather than 100 per second)

    This was a big improvement but I knew if I rebooted I would go back to the black screen since I had done the same scan (yes, I tried it sevrral times before) so, currently I'm just hibernating and resuming my jobs from a scan that has not been followed by a reboot.

    This has led me to believe there is something that Malwarebytes is deleting when I reboots that is giving me the black screen and strange program symptoms. I just need to know what item in the LOG file needs restoring or fixing so that i can complete the scan and reboot and be totally back to normal.

    All the infected files and registries are in quarantine, just need the correct one to be restored to have a successful boot -up

    Anyway here's my log:

    If anyone can help

    I thank you so much

    Kind Regards

  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Do you think it might be a goo idea to check and see just what you have installed on that machine? It could be that you might be able to remove things you don't need or use- or don't want.
  3. thor68372rockon

    thor68372rockon TS Rookie

    Virus & Trojan Remover I Use

    hey Guys, Just Wanted to let you know of a couple of handy programs to keep on your flash drive that i've had to use on my own computers when I get the desktop hijack or the blue screen from a malware attack, It's 'Combofix & Smitfraud fix. Smitfraud fix just slows it down a bit, other wise i can't even boot into safe mode and it has control again. Now I just use Combofix and it takes the virus out but can't boot to Windows because of some Registry items it has changed, moved or deleted. Infact i Just Got A virus that acts like "HaxDoor" Virus, And run Combofix, Virus is Gone But I Can't boot without getting the blue screen. My Virus came from the "Windows Anti-Virus Scanner Pro" virus. Third Time This year. And thats the reasonn i'm here, I was following a guide to put the registry back in order, when I read That it was for Windows XP only.....Great!! LOL! Is there A Tutorial on how to put the registry back to good? My blue screen error was (0x00000050) thanks In Advance Guys!! I would hate to have to reformat again, it's only been 5 months since the last one.:cool:
  4. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    thor68372rockon, please start your own thread if you want help.

    But I will deal with your recommendations: 'Combofix & Smitfraud fix> NEITHER of these programs should be run unless a malware helper has told you to run one or the other. They are not 'routine' programs for a user. Either or both can further damage a system if they are not indicated or guided.

    Please refrain from making these kinds of recommendations. The fact that this is the third time you have had significant infections and the fact that you have a Registry problem resulting, could be an example of improperly run programs and/or cleaning.

    This thread is for the use of westwoodnick only. Please don't post your own virus/spyware problems in this thread. Instead, open a new thread in our Virus and Malware Removal Forum.
  5. thor68372rockon

    thor68372rockon TS Rookie

    @ Bobbye - My Computer Is Fine Now! Had To Run The Vista Ultimate Disc To Finish Repairs. Been Using Combofix & Smitfraud fix For 3 Years Now With About 180+ Fixes[Other Clients Also] And Have Not Had One Bad Out Come With There Use. I Am Sorry For Posting In The Wrong Area, I Thought This Was The Right Spot As I Saw Westwoodnicks Post There. Also I've had 3 Infections Because I Go To Those Websites That Are not So Safe, NOT Because Of Improperly Run Software. Sounds To Me Like There's A Pretty Big EGO Out There. You Are Not Very Nice!!

    P.S. I Hope I have Not Offended Anyone, If So, I Apologize In Advance.:cool:
  6. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    Although you appear not to have seen it ocorrectly, I suggested you start your own thread in order to get the best help.

    Malware help is customized on for the person with the original problem. FYI, it isn't a matter of ego at all- it's knowing what I'm doing.
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