Black screen, no bios. Windows loads can't see anything

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Jan 25, 2009
  1. hello

    day before yesterday, everything working fine. no errors or issues of any kind.
    yesterday, we woke up and turned our computers on and one of them just had a black screen.

    asus loading screen showed, then windows load screen for a sec. disappeared and just a black screen.
    i can hear windows loading and the music when its finished, but nothing but a black screen.

    F8, F5, Del does nothing. cant see anything.

    asus P5LD2 mobo
    my bios version is 0815
    just installed xp sp3 a week or so ago with no problems.
    intel pent4 CPU 3.0 GHz

    took out battery on motherboard for half hour, reinserted and restarted. holding down delete button. got the bios screen and reset to defaults. save and exit, and then just black screen.
    cant even see bios, asus load screen or anything.
    just one beep.

    reset CMOS and removed battery again. same situation as above.

    the only time i can see anything is if i reset CMOS and battery and just the one boot. get bios and then nothing.

    every other time. nothing. windows loads and has music, but i cant see anything.

    monitor works cuz i can see load screen sometimes.
    tried to go to safe mode to reinstall video drivers but cant get there.

    i reseated my video card. (even wiped the gold connectors)
    reseated my memory. 2x 512mb sticks and 2x 1gb sticks
    never had a problem with memory before, they worked for 4 months now.

    i can't boot from windows disc and repair as i do not know the product key for that computer.
    cant get to boot screen anyway F8 doesnt work.
    if it does i cant see it.
    cant go to safe mode.
    cant go anywhere.

    just tried turning on my comp again and got one beep, but just black screen.
    i held down delete to get bios but nothing. nothing works.
    all fans are running, keyboard lights on, all lights on. mobo led light on.

    any ideas on what to do?
    (this is NOT a new build. comp has been working for a few years now)
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  3. dajonsworld

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    stephz,you can run the set for xp and just repair windows , does youre system boot thru the cd setup ....i.e. can you see the win xp setup window while its loading?if so i would let it finish loading when it gets to the window where it asks you if you want to repair from recovery console or install click instal and hit f8 when sked then click on the partition you have your os installed on it will then ask if you want to install a new system delete or REPAIR click on repair then let it do its should not be prompted for a new serial.......if you cant see anything after setup starts i would look at real hard ware issues.
  4. kimsland

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    Thanks dajonsworld
    By the way all Repair installs ask for the key (every single time)
    And you do realize:
    Sounds pretty bad already ;)

    Oh and I moved your post to the correct Dell password thread
    If you have time, good idea to watch and learn how the new threads are resolved
    Or just wait for your help with your required password

    As for stephz, if pressing F8 repeatedly to get to Safe mode does not help
    It does sound like a faulty Video card (note: it's not ram)
    It can be PowerSupply too

    That's really the best starting areas, ideally replacing with another, known working, PCI-Express Video card would be ideal
  5. stephz

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    thanx all for your posts.

    after hours and hours (and hours and hours) of troubleshooting, i finally found out that the monitor is buggered.

    the comp is fine and it runs fine with other monitors.

    called samsung and they are replacing it.
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