Blair Witch is launching on the Oculus Quest in time for Halloween

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Recap: Bloober Team launched its Blair Witch game, published by Lionsgate Games, in August 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It is based on the series of horror films by the same name, the first of which helped popularize the found footage genre in the late 90s thanks to a controversial marketing campaign that utilized the Internet to further the lore. It was quite brilliant at the time but certainly wouldn't work today.

Traditional Halloween festivities probably aren’t going to happen this year, but fret not as you can still give yourself the creeps simply by strapping on a VR headset (you’ll need the Oculus Quest, to be specific).

Bloober Team, the independent Polish developer that specializes in psychological horror games, recently announced a new version of its Blair Witch game for Facebook’s Oculus Quest.

Per the game’s description, it’ll feature redesigned environments to boost interactivity and accommodate new creature encounters, plus a revised control system and new mechanics to interact with your companion (yes, you can pet the dog in this game). You also get better quality textures and higher resolution support, we’re told.

Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition is scheduled to launch on October 29, 2020, just in time for Halloween. If you don’t have a Quest but still want to give yourself the heebie-jeebies, perhaps one of these other scary games will suffice?

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F**k that!!!

I cant even play Outlast for more than 15 minutes on a normal monitor without scaring the sh*t out of myself!!