Blank screen in safe mode after AVG installation

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Mar 2, 2010
  1. My son's computer had a virus, so I installed and ran AVG. Now the windows log on screen comes up, but won't load user profiles - it goes to a blank red screen. In safe mode, using the admin log on, I get a blank screen. There are no icons, no start button - nothing!! Can anyone help me solve this?? He's running Windows XP Home with Media Center on a Dell Inspiron E1505.
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    sounds like its still infected, have you followed the 8 step guide.?

    Or if you cant do you have a restore facility im sure dell use an inbuilt partition, do a google on restore inspiron e1505
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    8 step guide?? Also, I want to try and save the files on the computer, especially the pictures, so don't want to restore to factory settings unless absolutely required.
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    jwingett, does you son have the CD for the operating system? Or does his Dell machine have a recovery console on the machine?

    Sounds like he's going to either try to get in through the Recovery Console, or reformat and reinstall the operating system. With the symptoms you are describing, he is not going to be able to run any cleaning programs.
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