Blue screen after adding ram

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Jun 11, 2008
  1. Hey everyone,

    Im having a problem with my Pavilion zx5000 laptop. It had 2 slots with 1 256mb RAM module in each. I upgraded to 2 1gig modules. Everything works fine/in any combination as long as both 1gig modules are NOT in at the same time. For some reason it doesnt like the 2gig's of memory. I get the BSOD after about 5 minutes of doing anything, surfing the net, playing a game etc. Here are some of the codes iv gotten:

    t cant find the answer.

    Iv tried reinstalling my video card drivers, researching the dfferent codes, but cand figure it out.

    Thank You
  2. SNGX1275

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    Likely you can't do anything about it. That sounds like a hardware issue. I don't know much else to tell you other than reseat the RAM again, and perhaps boot up off a memtest cd and run it for a while.
  3. Route44

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    For clarification purposes, what kind of RAM did you replace it with? I did a quick search and 2 gigs is your maximum (which you did) and your laptop is designed for PC-2100 DDR.

    Are your 2 gigs PC-2100?
  4. Aolish

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    This is assuming you are absolutely sure you got the correct ram for your system. As well as matched pairs. First off, do a test on your new ram using memtest, if you get even a single error on the new ram stick then likely the ram is faulty.

    If you don't get any errors then it might your xp install. Adding in new ram can sometimes make your xp install act weird. I recommend doing a fresh install of XP to see if that fixes your problem. Obviously back up anything you have before you do this.
  5. burnarmymen

    burnarmymen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Kingston 1GB DDR 2700, The package sais its compatible with 333Mhz(PC2700) and 266Mhz(PC2100).
  6. Route44

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    That is backwards compatible meaning that it will work at PC-2100 parameters if there is a stick of 2100 present. Your motherboard is rated for 2100 and since your new RAM is 2700 there is now conflict. It was never desaigned for PC-2700.
  7. burnarmymen

    burnarmymen TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just searched a couple of websites and a few say that the total is 2gigs of pc2700 333mhz. I guess i'll return these for the 2100s anyway.

    Update: Just checked out the ram that was previously in it. Its 2700
  8. SNGX1275

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    You can run overspec'd RAM, it just runs at the fastest the motherboard supports. Some RAM just doesn't work in some machines, so I still stand by my first post.
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