Blue Screen on Vista

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Jun 27, 2008
  1. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me. I've got a custom built Vista machine and I feel fairly confident that I look after it properly, but recently I've been having a few problems (intermittent "freezing" for a few seconds when my HD is power-cycled) and just now I've had the deaded BSoD.

    I thought it might be my RAM, so I ran MemTest for 14 hours straight... With zero errors! So that doesn't seem to be it.

    I've seen others being helped with their BSoD's here, and I'd love a pointer or two to help me narrow down what might be causing it.

    Extra information about the problem (from Vista):
    BCCode: 4e
    BCP1: 00000099
    BCP2: 00026731
    BCP3: 00000002
    BCP4: 000266B5
    OS Version: 6_0_6001
    Service Pack: 1_0
    Product: 768_1

    Over the past three days I've had minidump files created because Windows hasn't shutdown properly... and I've no idea why. I do know that my machine has taken to not switching itself off after a shutdown, which is annoying.

    Anyways, today (27th) is the first day I've had a BSoD. It went by pretty quickly, but I think I saw "PRN LIST" or "LIST PRN", but I've no idea what that means.

    My minidumps can be accessed here: - 27th June (BSoD!) - 26th June - 25th June - 25th June

    Thanks for any help!
  2. matt1522

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    I am not really experienced with vista, but to start you should post some hardware specs,if you have changed any settings and information like if it is possible that you picked up a virus.

    If it is an entirely new system then give us the names of the manufacturers of hardware and at what time it fails (i.e. in the middle of gaming or at idle)

    I ask for this info but have not had a chance to look at the minidumps, I asked for this info because it may be helpful to more experienced vista users

    (I have the ability to use vista but choose not to, people complain too much to switch besides before you know it windows 7 will come so I really just stick to XP and Ubuntu/ Xubuntu
  3. Route44

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    Here is the thing about 0x4E errors: They are an excellent indication of faulty RAM. I know you ran MemTest but as great as that test is, it is not flawless because bad RAM has been known to pass it.

    This indicates that the memory management Page File Number list is corrupted. Can be caused by corrupt physical RAM, or by drivers passing bad memory descriptor lists. So it can be caused by other than bad RAM.

    How is your memory configuration set up? Is your RAM overclocked?

    Also, if you are going to have your memory dumps read they really need to be attached via the attachment option supplied here. Just zip them together.
  4. JohnnyW2001

    JohnnyW2001 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi! Thanks for your reply. I've attached two zip files (both with two minidumps in). i hope that's ok.

    My memory is running at its specced speed (CAS 4-4-4-12). It's 4GB (4x1GB) of CorsairTwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400. The default settings were 5-5-5-18, but my memory is "guaranteed" to run at 4-4-4-12, so I changed them a while back.

    I do wonder if they're getting a little hot, and was questioning if it would be worth investing in a DuOrb CPU in order to keep them cool.

    I use a 4GB USB key for ReadyBoost (although I hear the "boost" is negligible). Could that be related to the page file error?
  5. Route44

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    Three of your errors were 0x9F: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

    A driver is in an inconsistent or invalid power state. Typically occurs during events that involve power state transitions, such as shutting down, or moving into or out of standby or hibernate mode and a driver is often the culprit. In your case disk.sys was cited which is a cores Windows driver which isn't much help at this point.

    Your other error was another 0x4E memory corruption.

    * Many times it isn't that your RAM is faulty but that overclocking makes them unstable and thus you receive BSODs. Try easing back on your timings and see if that brings stability. Also, just because your memory itself is able to take those timings doesn't mean your motherboard likes it.

    * Concerning your 9F errors maybe this link will help you --

    But ease back on your timings first.
  6. JohnnyW2001

    JohnnyW2001 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fantastic, I'll do that! I'll go back to 5-5-5-18 and see if that helps things.

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Something funny is going on with my HD's, I just don't know what it is... :(

    Thanks alot!
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Concerning your harddrive I would a) check to see if your cable is firmly connected and b) as soon as you can run a full harddrive diagnostics. You can get a free utility to run this diagnostics off of your harddrive manufacturer's website.

    I would also back up all important documents/information just in case.
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