Blue screen with physical dump complete message

By metalman121972
Jul 10, 2009
  1. We turned on my daughters laptop, which is an IBM thinkpad t43. It was doing the normal boot up then a blue screen comes up saying files corrupt or non existent and physical memory dump complete then start over with the boot up then blue scren again. Have no idea what this means and what to do about it. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Always better, If could put all the content (sentence and number) of your Error screen.
    And give some info on your PC; the kind of Windows(vista -xp),
    preinstall (if it's a pc brand -> which one..) or with the original windows CD..

    Are you able to start in safe mode.
    By pressing the F8 key right when Windows starts, usually right after you hear your computer beep when you reboot it,
    you will be brought to a menu where you can choose to boot into safe mode.
    If you have install a software just before this problem, uninstall it
    Give news..

    If you have an original windows CD.
    Then this mean you have a driver CD, begin by try to reinstall all your driver..
    1. Boot up with the Vista install disc
    2. You should see a screen that says "Windows is loading files"
    3. After a few minutes you will get a language option. Select your language and hit next.
    4. On the install screen select "Repair your computer"
    5. Windows will find your copy of Vista on the machine
    6. Select your copy of Vista and click next
    7. You will now see the following options.
      • Startup repair - This automatically fixes problems that are preventing Windows from starting
      • System Restore - This will Restore Windows to an earlier point in time (<-- select this option at first)
    There, chose [System Restore] as first option,
    If no result then select [Startup repair]..

    >> With these option, you will don't lose your personal data..
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