Bluescreen new 2011 Asus laptop

  1. Hello thank you ahead of time for any help

    The BSOD

    STOP: 0x000000D1

    *** ndis.sys 4a5bc184

    along with the ndis.sys line of info it says : Address fffff880001684464 base at fffff88001647000,
    My newer Asus laptop now pops a BSOD constantly - The computer will sometimes get all the way through start up and show the windows screen - sometimes I can use the laptop for 15 minutes - but in the end it always pops a BSOD.

    After checking the system ( check sys? ) at start up, going to PCPitStop and running the Full tests and using an anitvirus program ( norton ) to look for viruses and other issues, I found NONE.

    I decided to come here for help..

    Since the issue is on a different computer than this one and today it will not get past the blue screen I cannot look at the system information and link it here..

    I bought the ASUS Laptop at a local Best Buy with warranty so I may have to take it back to them since the $50 recovery CD does not install properly ( error message telling me that it didnt work and it will revert back - everytime ( tried 4 times )

    It is an ASUS LAPTOP u5of running windows 7 home prem.. it is 8 month old ( from store )

    I cannot get this computer to KEEP the date and time correct -

    Yesterday , after the laptop sat for 4 months, I turned it on and it thought it was 2007 ( it is 2011 ) and this I change using "change date and time" option - but this will work until i turn it back on at which point it will tell me it is years earlier again.

    Windows Update will NOT install any updates - i get an error telling me that.

    After reading Posts here I feel like it is a Driver Issue

    Sadly, unless someone here can tell me how to get Past the BSOD so I can actually use it and try to update the driver online, it is dead to me.

    There is No way for me to update drivers online since it will not boot all the way to windows..

    I bought it at the store - they made a back up disc and sent me on my way - I got home, turned it on and used it for a day or two and the BSOD began

    Knowing it was probably a driver error I attempted to go online and look for new drivers, but that can't happen when the computer wont start right?

    Thanks again for any help and be kind - this is my first computer issue and I am sure there are things I need to add to this =

    Chris -

    UPDATE :

    I Can now get into the Safe MODE -----
    System Restore = no restore points available - even though it is set to auto create points to restore to.
    Back Up disc that came with it wont install
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    Take the laptop into Best Buy before the warranty runs out, or they will charge you as much as a new computer to fix it

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