Bluescreen on Windows 7 x64 Bccode 3b

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Hello everyone ,

since I installed windows 7 x64 I get this blue screen every time I play call of duty 4 or even working with office or surfing internet

is it because of the gt9400 or windows 7 ?

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP3: FFFFF88008998FB0
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

I also attached the other dump (4 overall).
there also on more thing. I found in another post that you can tell which program caused the crash ( according to the address probably ) can you tell me please how you can detect what crashed the OS ? because I couldn't find anything using a simple bluescreen viewer.

thanks very much



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We will likely need to have you describe your hardware and configuration... particularly the memory, and the video graphics installed... but it is also helpful to know the hard drive, hard drive, and CPU.


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Thanks for the reply , if you needed any more info please let me know

CPU : intel 8400 core 2 due @ 3.00 GHz
Memory : OCZ DDR2 2 GB bus 1066
Mainboard : Asus P5Q latest Bios
VGA : xfx 9400 Fanless but i patched a fan to it manually.
HDD : Maxtor 250 Gb

Driver for the 9400GT is 197.45 (latest) and the OS is windows 7 Ultimate x64

i wish its the graphic card cause it doesn't run games smoothly and i wanna change doesn't even support Physx :(

the conditioning inside my case is also good. i got 3 extra fan installed plus another small one i glued over the giant heat-sink of the VGA.


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I am hoping raybay can lend his expertise further. The minidumps are as follows:

This indicates that an exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.

This error has been linked to excessive paged pool usage and may occur due to user-mode graphics drivers crossing over and passing bad data to the kernel code.

Two simply cited Windows OS drivers which are too general to be of much help. The other one simply stated UNKNOWN_MODULE with the possibility of corruption.

* With your modding of your video card this might be the reason for this error.

However, the fourth error is 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and is described as "A fatal hardware error has occurred."

This error code and definition has replaced the older XP code 0x9C: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION and though it is older the definition still is applicable: This is a hardware issue: an unrecoverable hardware error has occurred. The parameters have different meanings depending on what type of CPU you have but, while diagnostic, rarely lead to a clear solution. Most commonly it results from overheating, from failed hardware (RAM, CPU, hardware bus, power supply, etc.), or from pushing hardware beyond its capabilities (e.g., overclocking a CPU).

Honestly, this is a very difficult error to work with because as it says a clear diagnosis rarely comes forth and I have never seen a minidump with either error codes give a definitive answer. I know IT techs that don't like working with it. What makes it so difficult is that it can be any hardware in your system -- and I mean any. Your dump simply cited hardware as the issue and nothing more definitive.

Here are some of the causes that were determined to be the source o 0x124/0x9C errors from posters here and abroad: NIC, DVD/CD drives, dust build up around the CPU that caused overheating of said CPU, bulging capacitors hidden by heatsink, video card, psu, harddrive, motherboard, and external harddrive connected by USB.

*** My suspicion, however, is your video card because I am wondering if, again, the modification might have something to do with it.

*** Have you updated your video drivers? Have you run a harddrive diagnosis with both short and long tests using Seagate's SeaTools free utility?


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Thanks very much for looking at the dumps

i actually do suspect my self the problem is the graphic card since i changed it and those problems started happening. all drivers are up-to-date

i also ran the Seagate sea-tools in the short mode and didn't get any errors.

in addition i ran a tool named OCCT ( it has CPU ,GPU , Memory and PSU tests), i didn't get any error with CPU or memory but while running the GPU test it gave me around 700 errors which didn't surprise me ( although it didn't state what the error was ). I'll also do a cleaning around the CPU and the fans.

I'm planning on changing the VGA card in a day or two , I'll let you know of the outcome asap.

thanks again very much for the help.


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Well if you are getting so many errors with your video card with OCCT readings I think a new card is definitely in the works.

Oh, and for future reference whenever you run SeaTools make sure you run the Long Test as well. I have seen harddrives Pass the S.M.A.R.T. and Short Tests but fail the Long.

* Keep us updated.


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I bought a new Asus GTS250 and replaced it with the old one.

after a little troubleshooting including uninstalling the old driver and getting it installed again and a few blue screen with code 116 (graphic driver) I got it working.

well I was happy for some hours cause I was running the games they used to crash with the old VGA BUT , unfortunately I am getting blue screens again ( very less than before) this time with the code 124 ( general) only . out of 3 times it crashed it gave me 124 only one time and the other times it didn't give errors. windows just started up with no error

I ran the OCCT tool again , using the memtest it gave no error but using the OCCT VGA test I gave 4 error in which I think it's because it was very hot ( about 85 degrees) . I guess the tool isn't very standard.

well I'm not feeling well really because I thought it was the VGA which caused the BSoD but it seems there's also another problem.

so what do you think ? I've attached the latest dump file.

I don't know really but I have a feeling it might be the sound card

Update : I also ran the seagate tools in long mod and no errors displayed



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Another 0x124 and another probable cause cited as hardware and nothing more.

Try this: Take off the case's side panel, get a small fan and on low settings have it blow into your case. Now play a game or whatever causes you to BSOD. With the fan blowing air does your system crash?

What is the make of your sound card?


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it's just a guess about the sound card , because when it hangs , any sound it was playing keeps to be repeated ( e.g the sound of a bullet being fire keeps playing in a noisy way untill i restart the system) . but i don't really know if that has to do the the BSOD at all.

i'm gonna try the fan method , as soon as i get it done i'll post the results


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Guess what ! i fixed it , i actually reinstalled windows and that fixed the problem.

i think it had to do with windows files including Directx and not the drivers.
i installed the all the drivers that were suspected for the crash , including that daemon tools , kaspersky , asus drivers etc and still no crash so i think it was windows its self.

thanks for the help anyway
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