Boxee Box will finally ship on November 10

By Emil
Oct 20, 2010
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  1. As expected, D-Link's Boxee Box will start shipping on November 10 after a launch event in New York City to celebrate and demo the device and Boxee 1.0. This new version of the Boxee software will initially be available only on the Boxee Box and will later roll out to Mac, PC and Linux.

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  2. Well blow me down the intel spoiler didn't work .. at least according to this its powered by ATI/AMD. All the better for it too. It should really ship with a free copy of "Duck Nukem" as they were both in Dev for the same amount of time. They were seriously looking as if they might slip into irrelevance. I myself will wait and see as this sniffs a bit of "get it out in time for Christmas, fergawdsake" . So Early adopters beware. Price is right, form factor looks geekish, lets hope it measures up. Both as a media Box and a Network Hub and Raaid Store amd usenet D/l etc etc.
  3. I wonder if they have been waiting for XBMC Dharma to be finished.

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