BSOD, Acer 6920G. Hope its not Heat

By loller007
Aug 20, 2009
  1. Hello,
    im a student and gamer who needs the laptop for both activity's.
    I am desperate for your help, and would really want to thank you if you are able to help me.
    I used Windows XP Service pack 3 when this occured.
    The thing is that I got a BSOD while i was gaming, and since i already lost a PC due to overheating of the GPU, im really anxious about my laptop, becouse my future is in this thing.
    What happened...
    Well, i was playing some music with Windows Media Player and playing a game called Warcraft III.
    I was playing for about 40 minutes, and suddenly i get a Blue screen.Just like that.

    Since i am really curious what this could be, i was googling on how to get information about what caused the BSOD. I have read stuff about minidumps,Debuggers and Command lines, but for some reason i always fail to do things with Command lines in the CMD box.

    I really hope you can help me out.

    Edit: When the laptop booted up again, the first thing i fired up was a program called SpeedFan, to measure the heat of the hardware, My GPU was on 59 degrees.
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    We need to know the brand and model of your computer, age, and the configuration... of particular interest are when were the drivers last installed?
    The mini dump will get a minimal response unless you run it in text mode so everybody can read it.
    59c is not usually hot enough to cause the problem, but it may have an negative impact on some components.
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