BSOD Error code 000000000000000a

By henryblack
Nov 2, 2009
  1. I run windows XP x64 on an nForce680i motherboard. I randomly get BSODs and a sysem error is logged with event id 1003 in the event viewer like this Error code 000000000000000a, parameter1 fffffadfb9a0b7c0, parameter2 0000000000000002, parameter3 0000000000000000, parameter4 fffff800010f1c2c.

    If somebody can help me with the minidumps to pinpoint the problem, I would be really grateful.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Anasazi

    Anasazi TS Rookie

    There are 8 file types using the DMP file extension?: INMCS, Microsoft Windows, Oracle, Amiga, Dream Maker, Mozilla Firefox, PDP-10, and Microsoft visual studio. As a result, many tech helpers pass over posts with .dmp messages. It might be useful to post your .dmp files as txt files if your system has that capability. Five .dmp files are a lot to go through.

    Apart from that, give us more detail on what "...randomly get BSOD..." means. Such errors are seldom random when you actually take note of what you are running at the time.
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