BSOD - Even after fresh XP install

By greenman1313
Dec 22, 2008
  1. Hello. I'm glad I found this place - I hope I can get some answers here. For the last few months, I've been getting random BSODs from my machine (dual boot Vista 64 and XP Pro (32)). I just reinstalled Vista on a second hard drive, and that seems to be doing ok. I just reinstalled XP on my main hard drive, and I just got another BSOD.

    **Note - I'm not sure that the BSODs in Vista and XP share a common factor. I haven't noticed anything that could correlate between the two - especially since Vista has been BSODing since I installed it a year ago, and my XP Pro has been flawless; at least until about 2 months ago.**

    Here is my minidump for the BSOD that I just got, in XP. I do seem to remember getting the majority of my BSODs when I'm surfing the net, and I always use Firefox. Is the 'Fox to blame?!?

    All help, advice, headache medications, et cetera offered is greatly appreciated! ;)

    Anyways, here it is:
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