Bsod help please

By soulburn2k5
Jan 17, 2010
  1. Ok so i just brought a bunch of new stuff new mobo/gfx/HDD/Ram/CPU
    the ram/cpu/and mobo were a bundle
    my specs are
    Generic 550 watt PSU
    Geforce 6100PM-M2 V3.0 motherboard
    Athlon II X4 620@2.6Ghz
    2gb generic Ram @800Mhz
    Palit geforce gts250 1gb
    Hitachi 250gb SATA II HD
    Windows XP home SP2

    so the problem is everythng was running fine, did some light gaming, (world of warcraft) bit of crysis, no problem, then i get hawx and it requires service pack 3
    so i update, but then i start getting bsod so i uninstall sp3 and everything seems to be fine again, untill i try to play games that use the UT3 engine seemingly. i can play for about an hour then everything just hangs and i get bsod, i've updated all my drivers, could it be a cooling issue?

    (edit) just tested it, it really does seem to be a problem with unreal engine, i played about 1 1/2 hours of arma 2 and everything was fine, but with batman AA i get blue screen within 60 seconds
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