BSOD new i7 GTX260 MSI Pro help

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Hi all, well i'm hoping you guys can help.

I have recently purchased a new system, i7 920 GTX 260 and Msi Pro mobo with some ram of course. I'm getting random BSODs. From what I can tell anyway.

I performed the memtest86+ thingy all night last night with no errors. I first installed XP sp3 on it and started getting BSOD randomly so I installed Windows 7 64 bit, which I have on it now however the same thing is happening.

I'm usually quite good with these things but this time i need help. I've done the searches on the net but to no avail.

I dont know where to go next. I'm considering buying a test vid card for $50 bucks just so see if it still happens with it installed but dont really want to.

Oh some specs

Inno3d GTX 260 181.71 drivers - not oc'd
Corsair HX 620 psu
i7 920 - stock speed, not OC'd in any way
MSI pro x58 -latest Bios
crappy kingston 3gb ram (all they had at the time)
Win 7 64 Bit - fresh install build 7077
2 x WD 320Gb hdds in Raid 0
Antec 902 case

As far as I can tell the ram is ok. I've tried changing the pci slot that the vid card is in but same thing. Latest nvidia drvs for Win 7 64 bit.

Hope to hear from you all soon.
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Hi Spyder,

i've found the minidump files on my PC. Do you want me to upload the file or just what it says?

If you want me to upload, how do I do that exactly? I need to subscribe to a website which can hold the file right? then paste the url...Any suggestions?

If you want me to copy and paste whats in the file, then what program do I use to open the .dmp file? as Microsoft Word is displaying the .dmp file in gibberish.

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Hey thanks Spyder,

Only one problem tho, max file size 200KB for uploads where as my dump files are 274KB.



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Hi wolfy

All your minidumps indicate a hardware failure of some sort (RAM/ psu / mobo / video etc). Now hardware issues are the hardest ones to resolve unfortunately so we have to use an elimination process to isolate the faulty device. I need you to test your RAM again ... Test each stick individually with Memtest. Update your device drivers, including your BIOS ones. Some device might not be compatible with your motherboard. Try unplugging your video card and running the system on onboard graphics to check. Keep trying different things (one at a time though) to find the culprit. If you keep getting BSODs, keep posting them on here so I can look at them. Changing something on the system might allow for a different BSOD which might help isolating an incompatible device or driver.

I have forgotten to mention that you could test your HD with chkdsk .... Click Start > Run > type chkdsk /r /f .... reboot and let chkdsk run until complete. Also, please check your Event Viewer (right-click My Computer > Manage > Event viewer) to check the times and instances that the errors have occurred. Remember, we're trying to figure out what is causing the problem so based on what you were doing at the time could give us a little more insight.

Spyder_1386 :)
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Hey Spyder,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah this is really dissapointing. I bought this near top of the line system thinking it would be a breeze. Well I guess what's really buging me is the fellow at the computer shop convinced me into buying this mobo, where I was after a P6T instead. He didn't have it in stock.

This mobo has no onboard graphics so thats one thing I cant do, I will try the memtest again tonight on each stick and also run chkdsk now. In regards to the times it has happened, well it did it a few times on that 'performance information and tools' in Windows Control panel, where it gives you a rating outta 10.

If all else fails i'll put this mobo on ebay and buy the p6t. I've just about hit a wall with it. :evil:

I'll let you know how I go.
Thanks dude,
(Strangely no BSODs in the last 7 hours..)


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Not a problem mate .... do keep me informed .... I'll also have Route44 have a look at your minidumps and see if he can find anything that I might have missed. Keep checking the status of this thread for any updates and if you have anything more to post, please do.

Spyder_1386 :)


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How hot is this board running? A number of people have had heat issues. Also, what security software are you running?

Your errors are 0x00000050: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA
Requested data was not in memory. An invalid system memory address was referenced. Defective memory (including main memory, L2 RAM cache, video RAM) or incompatible software (including remote control and antivirus software) might cause this Stop message, as may other hardware problems (e.g., incorrect SCSI termination or a flawed PCI card).

As Spyder pointed out the obne dump simply cited hardware. Check your cable connects.
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Hey Route44,

yeah not hot. The IOH temp is what ppl are talking about and this one is around 65oC constantly. The sys and cpu are all within spec.

With regards to anti virus, there was nothing installed b4 and was doing the same. Both on XP sp3 and Win7. Now I have AVG8 and still doing the same.

Chkdsk last night returned no errors, and Event Viewer is no help(basic info-computer shut down, unknown reason etc)

I'll perform the mem test later tonight on each stick and post back. May buy a vid card today, cheapy and see what happens. Will check the connectors later too.

Thanks all, you've all been a great help so far.


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Have you tried to disable/disconnect everything but the bare essentials and see if you get BSODs and then add a component to determine where thew fault may lie?

It's tedious, I know, but your dumps are too general at this point. If you get more attach and someone will be able to read them.
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Hey guys, just an update...

I've removed all but one of the 3 modules of ram and no bsod for a while now. Been trying to get it to crash by doing many things at once but seems stable.

I'll see how it goes till tomorrow and add another stick then.

Thanks all.
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Hey all again,

Looks like i spoke too soon.

BSOD again. Seems to mainly happen on 3d games like quakelive and far cry 2. If I load Far Cry 2 you can prety much guarantee it will happen.

Here are some files that describe what happened.
This occured with only one ram stick in the comp. This particular stick passed memtest also. Maybe I should try one of the other sticks incase the one i'm using is faulty.

(Update) tried another stick by itself and bsod also. I guess the ram is ok then, or maybe all the ram is bad ?
Purchasing a vid card so can swap it out.
Can a faulty CD ROM cause a BSOD?


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hi wolfy

Your dump still shows a general Hardware failure ... WHEA - Windows Hardware Error Architecture. Yes, the CD-ROM can cause a BSOD. Sorry I can't be of any more assistance at this point in time - the error is just too general to diagnose effectively. You have to keep swapping hardware one at a time like I stated in my earlier post.

Spyder_1386 :)
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Hy Spyder,

Just something thats come to me today...

I have a feeling the BSODs are coming from a Raid controler conflict.
The reason I was that is this all seemed to start when I chose Raid in the BOIS.

I've been checking out the latest drivers and all however there seems to be something fishy going on..

When I boot up in POST, I get a screen that comes up. It says 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager Version ICH10R/D0. Then Windows starts to load.

Once Windows is loaded, If i go into Device Manager and goto the 'Storage Controllers' I have a 'Intel ICH10R/D0 SATA Raid Controller' also, wih a driver version of 8.6..1010, which is the latest driver.

Lastly, if i goto MSI's web site and check for updates on my 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager' (the one in POST)there is an update, however when I open the file and run it in Windows, it says the current driver is newer than the one i'm about to install.

Can you decypher this? The 'Intel Matrix Storage Manager' in POST has an upgrade but I cant upgrade it basically.

I'm thinking of a fresh install. If I do, can you recommend anything? Should I just stick with IDE mode? or raid or what?



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Could it be that your motherboard RAM voltage isn't set to match the voltage requirement of the RAM resulting in instability?
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Hi mailpup, thanks for your help.

How would I go about finding the voltage specs of my ram? Their web site?

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Hey again, I found them, the voltage settings of the ram. I went into BIOS and manually set them to their specs. Soon as I turned the pc on again it BSODed..

Thought you might have been onto something there for a second. Oh well.

Thanks again,
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