BSOD on shut down (bad_pool_header)

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Sep 4, 2008
  1. I run XP Pro and am getting a Bad_Pool_Header BSOD when I shut down the computer. It happens just as the computer is about to turn off. I suspect a driver is not unloading correctly but don't know how to figure out which one.
    Is there a program that will detect the culprit?
  2. Route44

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    0x00000019: BAD_POOL_HEADER

    A pool header issue is a problem with Windows memory allocation. Device driver issues are probably the most common, but this can have diverse causes including bad sectors or other disk write issues, and problems with some routers.

    There is a sticky entitled "Before posting your minidumps" that is quite helpful. I suggest reading that first and try the suggestions offered.

    * A full hardrive diagnostics would be helpful. You can get a free utility to do this by going to your harddrive's manufactuer website.

    Minidumps are found this way: My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.
  3. Big Dawg

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    Thanks Route44 for the info, however, I have already looked in the minidump folder and found nothing! I suppose this error is happening after Windows XP Pro closes down but before the computer turns off.
    By the way, I looked in Control Panel/ System/ Advanced Tab/ Start up and Recovery/ Settings and made sure that a complete memory dump was checked.
  4. Route44

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    Okay, then try the following in this order:

    1. Run a full harddrive diagnostices (not just the S.M.A.R.T. test but the Long as well; your harddrive manufacturer will provide a free utility).

    2. Run Chkdsk in your Run Box in your Statr Menu.

    3. Scan for malware, etc.

    4. Update your graphics driver.

    * Get back to us with the results.
  5. Big Dawg

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    Did your suggested steps and found nothing wrong...and the graphics driver was the latest from Nvidia.
    Still getting the bsod when the computer is just about to shut down. I'm beginning to wonder if returning to a single hard drive (instead of the Raid configuration) may help.
    I have a hunch that this issue is somehow related to Symantec's Ghost which runs a backup image each day during the week. Ghost does not run on the weekends and those are the only days that I do not get the bad_poo_header bsod. I tried unistalling and reinstalling ghost with no luck. BSOD is still there. Very frustrating.
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  7. Big Dawg

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    Thanks to all that posted...but I had a hunch that it might be Norton Ghost (see my previous post) so I uninstalled Ghost ver 9, went into the registry and removed all instances that I could find of Ghost, went into system32/drivers folder and removed the ghost drivers and re-installed Ghost...still got the bsod, so I uninstalled Ghost 9 and installed Ghost 14 (trial). BINGO! No more BSOD at shut down. I will purchase ver 14 now.
    I wish there was a program that could be run when you suspect a faulty driver is causing a BSOD, that could pinpoint the faulty driver. Anyone know of such a software product?
    Big Dawg
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