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BSOD stop error 0x000000BE on loading Windows XP

By praziquantum
Jul 13, 2010
  1. I can't load Windows XP in normal or safe mode ... I keep getting the following BSOD / GSOD (green) error: "An attempt was made to write to read-only memory" with Stop error 0x000000BE (0x806FE800, 0x006FE121, 0xF78AE784, 0x0000000B) at the Windows XP start-up screen.

    Over the last few days I cleaned a few viruses (maybe 1 or 2 rootkits) off my computer using Spybot S&D, Super AntiSpyware, MalwareBytes, AntiVir, CWShredder, HiJackThis, several other online anti-virus/malware scanning engines and then cleaned the leftover temp files and registry keys using CCleaner and RegistryBooster. Throughout the process, I made several registry backups using ERUNT. Windows XP did not have any noticeable problems loading throughout all this.

    Last night, I installed DataPilot software by Susteen (used to backup data from cell phones). This software installs over 300 registry entries along with numerous [unsigned] cell phone drivers. The installation seemed to go well and Windows XP loaded up fine 2-3 times after the initial install.

    When I booted up the computer this morning, I received the BSOD error. The BSOD screen was actually greenish colored (GSOD) instead of the normal blue color. I have tried all of the following but still receive the BSOD error: I disconnected all USB devices and rebooted; I used some compressed air to clean out the case; I reseated the RAM; I de-/re-attached the hard drives; I tried “last known good configuration”. When I try “Safe Mode”, “Safe Mode with Networking” or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt I notice that all drivers load up to a question asking “Press enter to continue loading SPTD.sys” … whether I press enter or not, I still get the BSOD. (I noticed that SPTD is related to Daemon tools. I uninstalled Daemon tools last week and didn’t notice any problems at that time. I guess SPTD may still be trying to load. Disabling the “SPTD” service via the Recovery Console did not affect the BSOD error.)

    A few other things I tried, but no improvement …
    * Chkdsk fixed a few errors
    * I tried restoring a previous “good” registry via ERUNT
    * From the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD), I ran the following: Memtest86+ (no faults detected after 16 cycles), Windows Memory Diagnostics (no faults detected after 6 cycles)

    I can’t use restore points because I stopped those during the virus removal steps (they contained some viruses).

    I just burned a UBCD4Win DVD to look for faulty registry entries (like a deleted or disabled safeboot).

    I read that I can use NirSoft's BlueScreenView to read the minidumps to look for problematic drivers. The BSOD screen is not showing that it is saving minidumps nor could I find any recent minidumps in the “C:\Windows\minidump” directory. So, how do I access the minidumps (if they are being produced) when I can’t load Windows XP?

    If the problem is related to bad drivers and/or registry entries made by DataPilot, how can I identify and remove those without being logged in to Windows XP?

    System specs:
    Asus P6T V2
    Core i7 920
    Corsair Dominator RAM
    Windows XP SP3
  2. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    I would suggest you to rather focus on Daemon Tools left over files i.e. SPTD.sys etc. and remove these. You can use the bootable cd available to you, and try finding sptd.sys on your hard driver and manually erase it.

    For any help with regard to erasing unwanted entries from your OS's registry, please have a look at this article.

    Also, as you are unable to find any minidumps, probability is they are not being recorded or configured to record.

    If the above suggestion doesn't help, you are better off trying to do a repair install.
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