BSOD While Trying to load on a new HDD

By rifraf812
Feb 14, 2009
  1. I am trying to setup a new 160GB HDD in a Sony Vaio PCG-9G1L for a customer. When i try to load with the software recovery disks i get a BSOD with -

    *** STOP: 0x000000BE (0xBF97CD5E, 0X14100021, 0XF8743CD4, 0X0000000C)
    *** win32k.sys - Address BF8447A5 base at BF800000, DateStamp 3b7de698

    Any Ideas?
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    0x8E errors are almost always caused by hardware issues but sometimes by driver issues. The win32k.sys is a Windows driver but too general to be of much help.

    At this point it could be the harddrive itself. I had a friend who just this past week tried to upgrade to a Western Digital harddrive into his Gateway, but it would not clone at all from his old Hitachi without first formatiing it.

    What did you do to prepare the harddrive?
  3. rifraf812

    rifraf812 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well i tried to setup a 20GB partitopn with a XP Home OEM disk. Then i just tried to use the recovery disks to do it. Nothing is working. I am thinking the Laptop is too old to even see this HDD. What do you think?
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    I believe the best thing you can do is go to the laptop forum here at TechSpot and tell them of your harddrive issue, the age and make of the system, and how you attempted to partion.

    I do know that my friend's laptop is 4 years old and Gateway's tech support said that with his BIOS was designed not to take more than 160 gig harddrive. We're not sure if the person that gave this information fully understood what she was saying, but it is something to think about.
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