By jase25064342
Oct 22, 2008
  1. hi sorry if this has been answered loads of times before, but cant really understand most of the solutions other people are coming up with...duh!!

    Basically I recently started getting bsod on certain games i.e WOW, stalker, and just recently spore...interestingly enough spore will let me play untill second level then re-boots... i canplay crysis on low settings(and i mean low), and farcry on full settings no probs.... I recieved the usual message of stop... 0x00000007f(0x0000000d,0x00000000,0x00000000) my basic specs are.... amd athalon 3200, ati x1650, 2gb ram, and WXP SP2... all my drivers are latest ones.... and my pc isnt overheating as the lcd readout has it running at around 35 degrees which believe for my processor is fine. I have re-installed games as well as windows and even tried on different HDD with no joy. I have seen alot of people talking about memory dumps ect, but wouldn't even know where to start with all that, so any help would be greatly appreciated... (please translate to ***** proof language please)
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