Budget powerhouse pc

I'm looking to buy a new pc for video editing, gaming, 3d modeling and the like. My budget is $2000 max. I have no experience building a pc so I'm looking for prebuilt. I don't need top of the line, just something that works well for my needs. Any suggestions?


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Because of the scarcity of graphics cards you are kind of stuck with buying a prebuilt for sure. I have purchased a couple from NewEgg under their in house brand ABS. They have both arrived with some issues. The first one advertised 3200MHz ram but it shipped running at 2133MHz and I had to do some BIOS updates/chipset updates.

The 2nd one came without a Windows 10 product key which was quickly fixed with a call to tech support. I only waited about 15 mins and an email with the key arrived.

All the parts used were quality parts when I opened the cases to look. I purchased a 3rd prebuilt from a local retailer here called Canada Computers and I got bottom of the barrel quality on everything ...knock off unknown named SSD/PSU weird cheapo CPU cooler and the bottom of the line chipset.

You will easily find a good system. Shoot for a Ryzen CPU like the 5600x. You will easily find 16GB of RAM but you might have to look harder for 32GB of RAM. I think 32GB is a good choice for what you want to do...really ..the more the merrier it's just that budget is holding you back a little. Graphics card wise..you should get at least a RTX 3060 or RTX 3070 (the Ti versions are slightly above). Chipset wise you should aim for B550. These boards have been better on thermals in all the testing I see the pro doing and the top chipset is X570. If you can get that. Great. You will want an SSD and you can't live with a smaller one the 1TB to start but you are going to want more. Video chews up hard drive space. You can add a spinning hard drive to the mix in large size for a more reasonable cost it's just that most prebuilt gaming rigs won't even allow the upgrade as a choice. You are best to get what you can and then use a little computer shop nearby for any upgrades you need to drives