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Feb 21, 2012
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  1. I am buying new graphics card with a tight budget of 100$.I was gonna go with nvidia gts 450 but then i found hd 6770 with slight increase in the cost.I am very very confused as to which card to go for and also confused between nvidia & ATI.Need some advice here.
    Also i am upgrading my psu I was gonna go for corsair cx 430W but then HD6770 card demands more power.My budget for the psu is also restricted to 50$.Please help me.
  2. Leeky

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    I think you'd need to give us a few locations for websites and how much your budget equates to in local currency. There will be a huge difference in availability of parts and the pricing between US listed items and those actually purchasable in India.

    The Seasonic I listed the other day remains the best option for a power supply, and is in my opinion far superior to the Corsair unit. Ultimately though, most main branded power supplies will be absolutely fine at your intended power levels (in terms of hardware).

    The decision between AMD (used to be ATi) and Nvidia comes down to two things. Its quite simply the price you are prepared to pay vs. the performance of the GPU. In essence you want to purchase the fastest GPU in your budget. If thats the GTS450 then that is your decision. If you increase your budget you will always find something better, but you then end up in a position where you keep choosing the next fastest GPU and spending even more money.
  3. hitech0101

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    I am looking at two sites one is ebay india and the other is theitdepot (
    I really did like like the seasonic psu but i turned it down because of the budget.I really want to settle for gts 450 and cx430 but i just want to know whether spending a little more money will benefit me in the long run.The asus gts 450 is listed for Rs.7050.00 while i found the Saphire HD 6770 is listed for Rs.7375.00 then again i will have to go for a better psu but I wanna know how much difference will it make in terms of performance.
    I am willing to spend more if there is a major performance difference otherwise i am happy with the gts450.
    Thanks for helping me again.
  4. Leeky

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    The Seasonic would likely be fine powering a HD6770. So you'd be increasing your budget on both items.

    Realistically speaking I doubt you'd see much more difference that 2-3 FPS between the two, though I am happy as usual to be corrected by others if I'm well off the mark with that comment.

    The HD6770 is a better GPU -- BUT it will mean you increase your budget by ~250R for the PSU alone, then another 325R for the GPU. Only you can decide if the increase is worth it.
  5. hitech0101

    hitech0101 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 451   +34

    Thanks for helping me,i am more leaned towards the nvidia gts 450 & the corsair cx 430.But if you any better solution with my budget of around Rs9500-10000.I will be more than happy to know it.
    Thanks for your help.
  6. Leeky

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    Its a tough call, as the PSUs rapidly increase in price as I found last time I looked. I think the two items will do you well without massively breaking the bank in the process.

    Enjoy, and glad I could help. :)
  7. jetkami

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    Stay away from ATI!!!

    I have owned both Ati (4)and Gforce (3)cards. I have found that in the end what really matters is STABLE drivers. It is well known that Ati does not write the great drivers. Do yourself a favor and get a Gforce even if it is slower by a few fps, atleast you will be able to play your games.

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