Calling in to register OS?

By sockmuncher
Jul 13, 2009
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  1. i just figured out that my totally Legal copy of windows has been registered too many times.. i had to actually call them. so i get the toll free number, took forever to find and its some woman on an answering machine in no telling where in some office building. day or night does not matter, ladie on an answering machine every time. (im sure i had the right number)

    so, after an hour of that i finally call the i pay for it number, sit on that for about 5 dollars worth of time. (they have this automated voice thing that hears what you say its awesome actually) then somebody answers, suuper pretty voice, probably a beautiful woman but the problem is that i understand about every other word that she says to me. then she wants to know "why am i re-installing My Legal copy of windows again". so then i find out that not only do i have to read off like an 85 number and letter long code but she gets to read me back Another code that is just as long but different..its like the normal key that you need to register online times 3 .every Microsoft logo should have the 1 -800 number in the middle of it. i was soo pissed off about that i had to wait untill the next day to call them.

    i hope at least one person that reads this will understand why i think its a load of crap.
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    Its not a load of crap, thousands of people had to do this, including me. I installed xp 64 on my old computer, built a new one and tried to install on that one(I planned on not using the old computer anymore). I called, spoke to someone, gave them the serial number, then they gave me one to enter in my windows to reactivate it. Its a common precedure.

    Are you just ranting. I clicked on the post because I thought there was an actual problem.
  3. sockmuncher

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    Actually i was kind of ranting. but your saying that its ok that something that you paid for is kind of not really yours anymore, simply because a bunch of people do it?

    i put this thread in the Chat & Socialize section so that people would kind of know its not a troubleshooting issue. sorry i am new here..

    and yes sir me having to do this with something that i own is an actual problem but you and me put together cant do anything about it.

    that's like saying, okay well your car is old so you have to talk to me before it will start..

    okay.. ignoring smash because he has absolutely no sense of humor and way too many posts..

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