Can connect to net on all devices but not hardwired Computer

By rstaad
Nov 4, 2016
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  1. I'm on a Mac running 10.11.6. I use Time Warner and have their router connected to Nighthawk X6 by Netgear.

    All devices in my home run fine on Wifi in regard to connecting to websites. However, I constantly have to restart my Mac in order to connect to sites. If I understand correctly, the connection should actually be fastest here because it's directly plugged into the router.

    I don't know if I need to changed something in the Motorola Surfboard router provided by Time Warner that may interfere with how the Netgear router is working? Or, is there another issue going on here?

    I'm not real familiar with Networking, so any help is appreciated but please use language and advice I can understand. I have a basic understanding using Terminal if that's of any help.

  2. ITLogicSystems

    ITLogicSystems TS Booster Posts: 28   +7

    Try a different ethernet cable, then try a different port in your router - be sure you are plugging into one of the LAN ports. Post back results. Hope this helps!

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