can i have two power supplies running?

By truflip
Jun 2, 2005
  1. i have a 250watt PSU right now n if i install a vid card.. id need atleast 300-350 to run everything properly.. actually i dont think my 250 is enuf.. if it is.. its working at its full capacity..

    anyway. i cant afford a big 300-400watt PSU.. so i was thinking id jus buy another PSU at 200-250watt.. can i do that? or should i jus wait n save up for a big watt PSU?
  2. nein

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    Yes you can, if done correctly Dual-PSU is a far superior config than single PSU due to more usable effective output power and less thermal density concentration to overcome within each supply. For example...

    The first 450w PSU mentioned HERE is a POS for single PSU usage, its main weakness is 3.3V, the output for 3.3V is extremely inefficient - less than 60% efficiency is the optimistic rating, but nothing are wrong with 12V and 5V. If you used purely 12V and 5v outputs for peripheral devices such as Harddisks, Fans, Optical drives... then it is effectively a true 450W PSU with conservative rating of >75% efficiency while lessening the power load as well as the thermal load requirement on the second PSU for other things.

    Most 300W/350W PSUs are effective 450W PSUs or better when being used in such a manner. More powerful and more reliable is the result.
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  4. truflip

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    heh..thanks.. i never noticed the search feature.. im still new to such forums.. i apologize... anyway i think i'll buy a higher watt PSU.. it seems theres too much trouble and risk in powering up with 2 PSU's

    nein.. thanks too =]
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