Can I install a new graphics card on an All in one HP Touchsmart 520 PC?

  1. Hi I have an all in one hp touch smart 520 pc and I have had it for about 2 years now and it doesn't do well with games and I was wondering if I can install a new better graphics card? if so can you recommend me one ?

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    I did some research and I found this
    Expansion Slots:
    1 PCI Express x16 module socket for MXM graphics card
    2 PCI Express x1 mini card sockets
    One PCI Express x16 Module (MXM) socket
    MXM version: Type B
    Power source = 19V
    UMA or MXM Graphic card not exceeding 35W TDP
    That is direct from HP. I asked today, because of your answers, HP support and I got the answer, that a Type II video card shut work as a upgrade on the inglewood motherboard. And don't worry. Bestbuy in Canada will upgrade the card in the store. But thank you anyway!

    Yes, the MOTHERBOARD has those slots, no it is not upgradable after purchase, but good luck with that ]

    apperantly the hp touchsmart 520 was never meant for gaming of high caliber and it cannot be upgraded :S

    credits to that site.
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    Oh ok thanks!
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    AIO's generally have the graphics card soldered on, much like mobile parts.

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