Can I use a serial ATA hd to add with my ATA 100 hd

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Hi All

I just removed my old Hard Drive Hoping to find out what it was so I could match for my new one I'm going to Buy but didn't get a lot of info on the HD.So I looked and found this.

This is the 60GB HD in there Right now

I wanted to know if these are the same Type and would work as a Slave HD

I'm just very lost on this as it says IDE/ATA 100,But don't see any on like that.

I hope I can get some help from the pros on this

Thanks a lot


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Tiger has a great number of them like that. Take a look at
if it is a desktop computer. There are similar entries for laptop EIDE PATA drives at|c:1277|&Sort=0&Recs=10

And of course Directron, NewEgg, ZipZoomFly,, Frys, CDW, PCMall, TechDepot, and many, many others have both PATA/EIDE and SATA Drives from which you can choose. I suggest you stay away from Hitachi and Maxtor because of their high failure rates, but Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, Samsung, and Fujitsu make great drives which will provide you a long life.
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