cannot access file...

By kaliche
Oct 6, 2005
  1. cannot access file... pls help

    I resently had to re-instal win xp (Home ed). I have bout 3 hdd and when I re-instaled the OS I'm not able to access some (very important) videos on drive G: I think that the there is a problem with the rights and ownerhsip of the files and that's what's causing this problem. I have tries many, many different things: from using CACLS to gain permision to re-booting in safe mode to change ownership in the security tab to even trying to change the registry via regedt32.exe with no susess. The weard thing is that some files where installed in this hdd before the videos and they are ok, I could access them with no problem. I'm using wmp9 and this is the message that I get when I click on more info "0xC00D11D2: Cannot access the file". Pls help this problem has been bugging me for weeks. Pls Help tks.
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