Cannot boot xp. ntfs.sys blue screen 0x00000024

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i would think that you would have conflicting drivers. or, maybe you're using a program like stylexp...they give you the option to change boot screens...and after a while...they sometimes fail...leaving you with a unbootable computer. i would tell you to NOT use the drivers for any devices from the disks...try going online and downloading the perhaps NEWER drivers. especially those for your motherboard.
Me too

Hi all. I read through most of the fixes in this thread, but one major problem I have is that I am on a laptop with no floppy drive. Monday I got the blue screen and it wouldn't boot up XP after that. Had to get an XP CD shipped over from the US (MS tell me they are regionally formatted - unlucky) and it still didn't help (can't repair or reinstall). I bought a new laptop in the interim but desperately need my files for work. Last night I bought a USB external box to connect the bad HD to the new laptop, but as soon as the Found New Hardware Wizard sees the old hard drive via USB, it crashes the new laptop. No blue screen on the new laptop, but it crashes, reboots and "Windows has recovered from a serious error." appears.

I looked at Knoppix today, but the sites I looked at downloading it from showed multiple downloads (same version, same language, different files) - which ones might I need? It seems over my head, but I have to try something. If the old HD is crashing the new laptop, is Knoppix even going to work?

Also, my old HD wasn't partitioned and since I can't access it, I don't know how to partition it (following advice previously mentioned in this thread). I'm thinking that's just not possible.

Should I pick up a new memory card and try that? I don't have a Win 2000 CD to try to boot from (although I think that probably isn't going to cut it for me anyway - based on what I've read). Should I download the Knoppix fix? If so, which one / ones do I need - and to clarify, they will boot on my old laptop from CD, right (again, no floppy drive). Or do I try the other software option - Uneraser - if so, my old laptop wasn't networked (just me remotely) - can I still try to network it P2P to the new laptop - so I can transfer the files? I'm not as advanced of most of you are, but I have a basic knowledge. I'll try anything to get these files back.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
Ntfs Problem

Look man dont bother trying to fix the problem cuz the boot ntfs.sys on your drive got f^%ked. put the hd in another machine as secondary and copy all the files to that computer; format and move files all over again..... or; make an image of the drive and same as above. Before doing any of this first run scandisk and then try to repair from the win cd ( God works in mysterious ways ). If all else fails format and program all over again. One thing for sure the hd is not damaged, youll know when its damaged cuz It'll start creating bad sectors and giving you all kinds of blue screens related to memory problems when its really the hd. Send me the disk I'll assure you I'll get the data out!:)
The easiest thing to do is think ahead. Partition the hard drive when you get it up again, and keep windows isolated to its own partition. Thats what I did. Even though I had to reinstall a few big programs, for the most part, I had all my stuff still in tact. windows really needs just a 20gig partition to install to, that way you won't lose everything if it dies. (Unless there is a hardware malfunction, but this problem is software)

Formating is the easiest way to fix the problem, if you don't have another hard drive and don't want to bother moving the hard drive to another computer you can boot up knoppix, use somba to move files to a windows box, or SSH to move files to a Linux box.

Also, after the second format, my computer has been running fine for the passed month and no problems. This problem IS caused on by an improper shutdown.
ive got the stupid problem with the 24 error, i made the 4 boot disks, managed to get into recovery console, when i type "chkdsk c: /p" i get another bsod, "C0000139". says that "RtlcomputeCrc32" could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll.

im running xp home

how can i get chkdsk to work, how can i sort out the error when i try to use chkdsk,

also if i downloaded that linux thing, would that help at all?

btw i dont have another comp to put the hdd in


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i would try going into the xp setup and going into the repair console, and when you're there, i would go with the chkdsk or fixmbr options, hopefully one of those two work....
stop error 0x24 - what finally worked

After 5 nights of pulling my hair out trying various XP boot methods, Knoppix, Undelete for Dos, etc...; what finally worked for me was pulling the hd & adding it to another machine. In the healthy machine XPP booted from C: as usual and recognized the renegade hd as F:. XPP recommended the fix, and when I allowed it to run, it repaired the hd in minutes with minimal effort. :chef:


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fixmbr fixes the master boot record...i only use this if the chkdsk doesn't already fix it for me...which is mostly in cases where the partition isn't recognized...and you'd have to use it to kind of put that partition back up...instead of just formatting and giving's kind of like the final resort...

Thanks to everyone for the advice in this thread. My brand new Laptop ended up with the 0x024 blue sceen the day after I got it. I ended up fixing it by using the recovery console to run chkdsk (which would have been easier if Dell sent the recovery disk with the laptop :suspiciou )

While I was waiting for the disks I tried fixing it using knoppix but it didn't work for me, just kept saying I had a fatal error and the ntfsfix didn't seem to recognise the drive.
This happened to me again, I ran scan after scan, and could not find anything wrong with the partition. So, I was going to reinstall windows, do what I did before, reinstall everything. When I get to choose the partition to install to, the instillation flags on the windows already there. I say, "one more scan" the setup deleted all the system files, then replaced them. Since I didn't format, all my settings and instillations were preserved.

So there is another solution to try before formating so you can save your files.
Very Quick solution


After tryng different things and wasting my time I got idea from coolbarguy reply

have to find a way to replace ntfs.sys file in windows\system32\drivers directory

found utlility ntfs for dos from

utility created bootable disk which run chkdsk command and give me dos command line accsess to the ntfs hard drive

replaced the ntfs.sys with the one I found from the other xp op system computer and VOILA!

After downloading ntfs for dos all the fixing took only 15 minutes

:monkey: I get the same (BSOD) but with different stop codes, the same recomendation message, chkdsk /f.
However when i install the same HDD to another machine XP Pro boots perfectly....odd...?

I have a brand new Dell Dimmension 8400 desktop, and I'm getting the 0x24 Error!! If I recall, this is why we bought a new computer, our old one was sluggish, and continued to blue screen, so, lazily enough, we decided to hell with it and bought a new one. Anyway, I cannot restart, even in safe mode. Dell is currently sending me a Windows XP Media Edition 2005 CD to reinstall my OS. The last thing I remember is one of my iTunes files being corrupted. Is this problem fixable? My hardware checks to be fine. Please help, I'm stressed!
Ntfs.sys error

I have read the fourms on these pages and I still have no resolution. I get the same blue screen and error and i need help!, I can't get anywhere (safe, etc.) Is there any answer other than reloading the os?
Here is my solution

I have had this error a couple of times now, I think its either a virus or spyware which causes the problem.

Either way this is how I resolve the problem:

-Start the computer and boot from the XP installation CD
-Proceed into the recovery console
-Type <help><enter>
-This will display a list of all the recovery options
-Type <chkdsk><enter>
-This will fix any errors on the HDD
-Now run <fixboot><enter>
-This will fix any bootsector damage
-Now restart the computer and boot from the HDD

Just my two pennies worth,

UK Power Tools
Thankx for your suggestions but I can't get to Safe mode or a command prompt from the CD, If I try Safe made It just restarts it's self, when I try from the CD to recovery I get the BSOD and can't do anything but restart.
Do you have any more suggestions? Please Help if you can.
hi, im new to the forums and an absolute beginer when it comes to computers. I recently bought a cheap dell laptop to get myself started and was running thru some tips that an online computer magazine was offering to help speed it up. Stupidly not sure what i did but when i restarted my computer a blue screen came on telling me that it was performing checks in 5 stages, it got too stage 4 and froze on 22% for over half hour so i turned it off by unplugging and disconnecting battery. when i restarted i got the blue error screen which stays on the computer doesnt reboot or anything. It tells me to run chkdsk and to disable anti-virus, disk defrag or back up utilities but obviously i cant do this if it wont let me onto windows. I have nothing of any great importance on my laptop so doing a full formatt and start again would not bother me, but dell never sent the disk, rather than wait for them to send me a windows disk, could i use another copy and simply reset the whole thing? im using xp home.
many thanks in advance
With regards to helping a friend out :)

I would use knoppix or unbuntu live disc and recover any data that your friend wants

Then from there I would wipe it , re install xp and any relevant drivers and once you have windows xp back up and running make sure to do this :

Right click on my computer --> Properties --> Go to the advanced tab --> on the startup and recovery section click on settings --> in there un check the checkbox that says :

"Automatically restart"

This checkbox is in the system failure section and this will stop windows from restarting hence giving you a chance ( next time when and if the machine has any stop errors ) to fully write down the error(s) so that you can get on google, research them and see what needs to be done to fix them exactly.

Also in this thread there should be ( If I am thinking of the right thread ) a post to microsofts link on how to fix this.

If not here it is :;en-us;Q228888

If you need help with how to make the knoppix or ubuntu live discs please post back and I will try and help you with that.

There are obviously other discs you can use such as and bart pe's disc which the ubcd4win is based on.

I hope this helps.

P.S I am not sure how to move this but this comment was sposed to be aimed towards this thread :

With regards to someone else helping a friend, I appologise for posting it here but when I clicked on post reply, it seems to have posted it in the wrong part.
The 8237 is junk. Complete junk.

I'm done with Abit and VIA products. Done. I've been an Abit faithful for years despite a virtual guarantee of some stupid problem doing the most menial things, and they really don't care. I used to run a KT7A-RAID and it had a host of problems. Figured I'd upgrade, got a KV7, and what do you know, it has inherent unresolved SATA problems.

A bit of background. I am running an Athlon 3200+ with 1GB of Kingston RAM - no overclocking, nothing fancy. Used to run a WD 200GB with 8 MB cache EIDE drive as my boot drive and it literally never ever crashed. Ever. Not once.

I always knew that I had an SATA RAID available on the board but all my drives were IDE, so I never used it.

Got a great deal on a Western Digital "Raid Edition" 250 GB SATA (150) when shopping for a 250 GB EIDE drive. Nice! More speed to my boot drive! I was kinda due to reinstall XP anyway, sooooo.....

I slipstreamed SP2 and the SATA raid drivers into my XP Professional CD and it installed just great! Fast - really fast. So far so good!

So I start using the screen, restarted. Fluke, I thought. Wrong. ntfs.sys BSOD stops. Other BSOD stops.

I'd do the most menial thing and whammo, another blue screen. Mind you, this is the system that never ever ever crashed with an EIDE drive for the boot drive.

Must be the RAID driver, I thought. I've tried 5 different versions. Same result.

It's barely useable at this point. Crash. Crash. Crash. Microsoft doesn't have a solution. VIA doesn't have a solution. Abit (of course) doesn't have a solution. It's definitely not the WD drive. I'm 150% positive. I researched this and hey, look at that, tons of other people with the 8237 Southbridge and this onboard SATA controller are having this issue too. The 8237's SATA controller is defective junk.

It's not bad RAM. It's not a bad drive. It's not a bad power supply. It's not a bad driver. It's not spyware. It's not a virus. I run the tightest PC ship on earth, trust me. I am virtually convinced that this is another chipset defect. VIA's been sued over things like this in the past. My BIOS is current and was cleared after the update. This is the same data corruption problem that many others are experiencing that are preventing them from even booting into XP!! For what Abit gets for their boards, you'd think they'd take care of something like this.

I will never - ever - ever purchase another VIA/Abit board. I'm sick of being their guinea pig.

This isn't misuse, guys, this is everyday computer use. It's almost deceptive that they advertise that it has this WOWEE SATA RAID!!! and it doesn't even work right. What good's a PC if you can't use it without it crashing at random like 15 times a day? ENRAGING.


More things you should know. I'm the guru for the gurus. When the gurus can't solve a system problem, they give it to me. I'm no hack.
Thank you everyone in this forum for your help!

Felix is right. I have the same exact problem as described. I try every possible way suggested before, but all fail. Finally, I try ntfsfix utility from Knoppix. This is how I do it and it take 10 minutes to fix my problem and I got my hard drive back in normal working window xp environment.
1. Follow instruction on
to download Knoppix. It show you how to run it and fix the problem.

Wonderfull, I was exhilarate when this beautifull Knoppix software fix my problem.
Thank you Knoppix, and everyone.
ntfs.sys recovering files from your hard drive

I also got the blue screen of death.
I tried everything in all the message boards but nothing worked for me.
Chdsk /f or repairing 1/2 way through every XP or Y2K cd boot I would get the same blue screen from the ntfs.sys system file.

After much time trying deferent things even trying to access the hard drive with a USB caddy nothing was working.

The last thing I tried worked for me.

Last year (10/2005) I had downloaded the UNIX software called Knoppix
And burnt it to a cd.

It’s a bootable operating system from a cd or DVD.

I hadn’t looked at it much I was just cereus about UNIX.

Well it came in handy for me.

Using the cd I was able to boot into Knoppix and access my hard drive.

I am using a router for my ADSL broadband with auto assigning ip.

UNIX is a self driver installer and will detect most hardware and use
Generic drivers.

It will also detect a network and assign its own ip to suit the local network.

I was then able to access my other computer on the network.

So I created and shared a backup folder and continued to copy all my
Data from the faulty hard drive to my other computer with the backup folder.

(Then I was able to format my drive, (without using low-level formatting.))

I simply used my old 98 cd and booted from it then fdisked & deleted the partition and reformatted the hard drive to fat32.

After that I was then able to use my xp cd to boot and reformat it back to ntfs and continue with installing windows xp.

I don’t really recommend this solution to standard users but if you know how to use
A network with dos commands then this is the fix for you. Worked 100% for me.

I got all my data back with out corruptions.

Good luck I hope this helps someone out there
How did you fix the problem HELP!

I have the same problem. I really don't want to loose all the data. I am a novice. Can you give some advice?

hed said:
thanks.... I did the windows 2000 boot disk procedure.. and I have recovered all the data !!! perfect !!!!!!
what a fright.... thanksssss
0x24 Stop Error - NTFS.sys

Hello, I was trying to us the following instructions to repair a NTFS volume but not having success.

To repair a NTFS volume by using Recovery Console, use the following steps:
1. Start the computer by using a Microsoft Windows 95/98 startup disk with CD-ROM support (or from another computer with a CD-ROM drive, insert the Windows 2000 installation CD-ROM).

Ok I did this and have the A:\> prompt

2. Change to the CD_ROM:\Support\Bootdisk folder, and then run Makeboot.exe or Makebt32.exe to create the four Windows 2000 Setup disks.

*****I can't figure out how to do #2******

3. Using Notepad, modify the Txtsetup.sif file on the first Setup disk you created in step 2:
a. In the [FileSystems.Load] section, locate the line that begins with "ntfs."
b. Insert a semicolon (;) at the beginning of the line, as shown in the following example:

fat = fastfat.sys
;ntfs = ntfs.sys

c. Save your changes.
4. Start the computer that is experiencing the "stop 0x24" error message by using the four Setup disks. When the Welcome to Setup dialog box is displayed, press F10 to start Recovery Console.
5. Run the following command to repair the corrupted NTFS partition:
chkdsk driveletter: /p
6. Type exit to quit Reco****very Console, and then restart the computer.
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