Cannot enter Control Panel

By steveow
Feb 7, 2009
  1. I believe StopZilla started this problem as I could not delete history, temp files or cookies through tools/internet properties or through the control panel.
    Every time I try to enter 80% of the Control Panel programs it just signals a buzzard sound. I can not enter Add/Remove Programs to get rid of StopZilla which has expired the trial version. ALTHOUGH, today I was able, by accidentally clicking the icon, to delete history, cookies etc... through StopZilla. This leads me to believe StopZilla is why I can't enter most Control Panel programs.
    I disabled all StopZilla's "ON" to off , but that didn't fix my Control Panel dilemma.

    I did install Kaspersky Anti-virus/malware/spyware etc about 7 months ago and it has worked wonderfully and I don't believe that to be the problem.

    A computer tech at work said to try start/run and type appwiz.cpl, but to no avail...the same buzzard sound.

    any help is greatly appreciated.
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