cannot reload windows 98 onto laptop that had xp pro

By tormenta
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Have a laptop that was running windows xp pro had problems so am trying to go back to windows 98se which was original OS ran fdisk then reformatted hard drive seems to have fat32 thought eveything was ok was told i could go back to 98 if not on ntsf when i run setup starts Scandisk then goes to message : scandisk cannnot read from the last cluster on drive c.this cluster is either damaged,or your system is not configured properly.Drive C may need to have Logical Block Addressing (LBA) enabled to work properly,or its disk partition may be incorrectly marked as non LBA- partition.Data loss can occur if your LBA setting or disk partition type for this drive is misconfigured.Check pc's bios setup utility,or contact your pc manufacturer,or have checked by a qualified computer hardware technician. Can anyone please help ? I need to get this going for school soon !!
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Check in the BIOS that the disk is recognised in its proper size.
    Laptops have 30-40GB on average.
    On the right side, after the HD specs, you will see a column with access-type or whatever it's called in your BIOS. You can have Normal, LBA and a few other settings, pick the LBA. Save it and exit BIOS.
    Then boot from a W98 bootfloppy ( has the file to CREATE a bootfloppy) or from a bootable W98 CD. Make sure to have set your BIOS to boot first from floppy, then CD then harddisk.
    Either way, use the W98 partitioning software FDISK do delete then reinstall one or 2 partitions. Format these in FAT32. Then install W98SE, not W98
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