Can't access internet - LAN cable unplugged

By jillliv
Jan 27, 2009
  1. Hiya,

    I'm a newbie here, nice to meet you all, seeking some advice..

    I live in the UK,in Exeter, Devon

    I inherited a new Pc from my parents workplace, running Windows XP Professional.

    I've done a FAST transfer wizard and it tells me it was successful, but I'm unable to log in using the old id from the old PC. I can't add a new account and I'm not sure if it's safe to remove an old account.I can log in only on the old password and user name.

    I'm also unable to connect to the internet.My system tray tells me there is a "Local Area Network cable unplugged".When I plug in the old grey modem cable from the old pc which was using a dial-up connection there is no dial tone on the phone!When I tell it to dial-up, it tells me there is a hardware problem with the modem or other connecting device.I've had a look at some books and I think because the old PC was built for a network, there isn't a port I can use for dial-up, just an ethernet port.
    So,I decided to buy a pay-as-you-go Vodafone dongle That installed itself with no problem and set up it's own connection as far as I can tell, the network coverage seems to be fine, they checked my postcode and that's fine. But the page displays the message that the website can't be found!
    Could that be the website I was trying to access was busy?Vidafone's website and instructions don't seem at all helpful!

    Cananyone shed any light on these matters?I'm not very PC savvy at all in these things, but happy to have a go if you give me clear step-by-step instructions !

    Many thanks, jill
  2. wilywombat

    wilywombat TS Rookie


    Your "Local Area Network cable unplugged" error is probably because the machine was either on a company network (Local Area Network) when your parents had it or it was connecting to the internet using a broadband router/modem. Both methods can use the "Ethernet" connector on the back of your PC (It has a picture of a straight line with 2 computers above the line and 1 below it, all connected together). This is not the same type of connection as your old grey modem connection and you should not try and connect the old grey modem cable to it. It is also a different size physically larger than your telephone connection. The solution would be to get broadband into your home, buy a router/modem and get a tech savvy friend to set it up for you.
    If you still want to go dialup, you will probably have to fit a modem into your PC and connect your grey cable to that.

  3. jillliv

    jillliv TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I may be moving house soon, it's not certain, that's why I purchased the dongle from vodafone.I'll go into the shop and ask them again.

    I have been given a BT voyager 205 router, could I use that?I don't have a manual, but I do have the drivers on a CD which a computer shop person has given me....?
  4. wilywombat

    wilywombat TS Rookie

    Hi Jill,

    Do a Google for your router as I am not allowed to post the link directly, just type in BT voyager 205 in the search box and hit return, go to the first link to BT...looks like it'll do the job OK as long as your phoneline is broadband enabled.

    You will probably get step by step instructions when you run the install CD but you will also need an ethernet cable to go between your router and computer if you didn't get one with it.

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