Can't connect to WiFi when LAN connected.

I have been having a problem on several devices conecting to my WiFi router saying there is a problem with Authentication. I have just relised that if I disconect the ethernet cable from my desktop computer to the router the WiFi works without porblems and as soon as I reconnect it I cant connect to the WiFi anymore. I using windows 8.1.

Any suggestions?


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What is the make and model of your WiFi router? It sounds like a setting is enabled within the router that is giving precedent to your Ethernet connection over your wifi connections.
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Hi, I am not sure but I dont think its the wireless router as it was happening when it was connected to router provided by my internet provider which says it is a Ubee UVW3326. In order to resolve the problem I purchased a ASUS RT-AC68U which I am now using and which has the same problem. Although the ASUS router is running throght the original modem.


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Your not using the network properly - - access using {WiFi OR Wired} but never both at the same time.
The issue is how the routing table is created and update for connections. The first connection will create a DEFAULT route and 99% of the traffic will flow from your PC thru the default. EVEN IF you manage to get both connected,
almost nothing will flow via the second connection.

To view the routing table, get a cmd prompt and enter ROUTE PRINT
The line immediately below the headings (ie ) is the default route, showing your PC address and the router's address.
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